January 18, 2018

The value of firearms insurance

Have you ever sat down and figured out what all your guns are worth? I do not have a large collection of firearms, but I do have enough that if they were stolen it would be hard to replace them. I never used to worry about buying firearms insurance, but the more I think about it the better the idea sounds. Many firearms owners have safes to help secure the collection, but just how good is that safe? Sure, there are safes that will last through fire and are great as far as being difficult to pry open and gain access to. But, those safes are normally pretty expensive – I’m talking custom 1911 or a nice .308 AR expensive. As a matter of fact, the good safes start off around two grand and the prices keep going up.

So what alternative do we have? Honestly I would rather spend two grand or more on another firearm and so would most people. So this brings me back to the insurance. Check with your agent and see if firearms are covered under your home owner’s policy. Chances are they are not covered. You can pay your agent and modify your policy to get the extra coverage. But, you have another option.

The NRA is option two. Hopefully those that are members already have signed up for the free firearms coverage. Yep, you heard me, free coverage. With your NRA membership you get $2500 in coverage for loss and/or damage to your firearms. But, you have to sign up for it and many people do not. Think about it, you can get $2500 in insurance for only $25 per year, not a bad deal.

So you can rest assured that you have at least $2500 in coverage with your NRA membership and if you need more coverage the rates are reasonable. If you are not a member I would suggest signing up for the NRA, if nothing else at least to get the free insurance. It’s quick and easy to sign up, click on the NRA link on my home page, provide a credit card and you are done. If you do not want to sign up on the web I can also sign you up and you can pay with cash or check. Just make sure when you get your member number to sign up here and activate your coverage: http://www.nraendorsedinsurance.com/campaigns/Nr-14878/index.html

The special for this week will be an H&K 45. It is going for $1050 out the door, that is only 4% over cost for a high quality 45. E-mail or call if you are interested.


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