January 18, 2018

The Best Handgun Caliber for Self Defense

There are as many claims as there are handgun owners, there is always someone that will tell you their opinion on the ideal caliber. But, chances are they have no data to back the facts up that they claim to be true. I read a good article on the subject so I thought I would reference it since this topic is always pertinent to those that carry for self defense.

Dave Spaulding wrote an article titled “Stopping Power” in the May 2011 edition of Guns and Ammo Handguns. He asserts that he has spent almost 30 years researching stopping power. Due to being in Law Enforcement, he has had access to autopsies and police reports that many of us do not. So what did he conclude with all of his research?  There is no magic round, it all boils down to hitting a vital location. As we would expect he does add that a larger round will make a larger wound cavity – but not large enough to make up for missing a vital area. A hit to a vital area with a .380 is much better than a non vital hit with a .45.

Nonsense you say, you are certain that a few hits to a vital area will drop your attacker like a rock.  I present the Peter Soulis incident. He was an officer involved in a gun battle with a criminal. Officer Soulis shot the criminal 22 times during the battle, 17 were center of mass. He lived for over 4 minutes after the last shot was fired. Perhaps if the officer would have had a .45, or maybe even a 10 mm he would have dropped him earlier. Sorry, I think the data proves that to be a false assumption. Like David Spaulding stated, you need to be able to hit a vital area. Sometimes center of mass just isn’t enough.
So much for finding the ideal round, the real answer is to practice as much as possible so under stress  you can increase your chances of hitting a vital area and stopping the imminent danger. Take more time at the range, try shooting at targets with human pictures on them. The criminal may not react like the B27 target you practice with so you need to be ready if you ever face that situation. The majority of us never want to have to use our firearms in self defense, but we need to be prepared to if the need ever arises.
Now to my weekly specials – I have a Remington R1 if anyone is looking for one. I’ll let this one go for 5% over my cost – $664 out the door to a local buyer. Bud’s has the same gun listed for $674 and you would have to pay a transfer fee on top of that. This comes with Remington’s 1 year service agreement as well as a lifetime warranty from Davidson’s/Gallery of Guns.
I’ll also offer one more gun that I do not have in stock but I can order. It’s a great target pistol from Ruger, the 22/45 (model P45GCMKIII). I’ve had a 22/45 for years and they are accurate and fun handguns to shoot. Since it is a .22 LR caliber you can shoot for hours and not break the bank with the cost of ammo.  I’ll sell these for 3% over my cost – $273 out the door for a local buyer through the 20th. If you are a previous customer no down payment will be needed but I will be placing the order Monday so you need to have your order in by the 20th at 8 p.m. CST.

I recently decided to try out some different hearing protection from SureFire.
I have seen their Sonic Pro ear plugs in different videos, but I have yet to run across anyone that uses them. I picked up a pair and headed to the range last weekend. Overall they seem to work well and are much more comfortable in the Texas heat than over the ear protection. I have some great “ear muff” style hearing protection that work well but are uncomfortable to wear in the heat. The Sonic Pro are of the “ear plug” type of hearing protection and worked well. They have a NRR of 24 and worked just as well as my other protection but were much more comfortable. At only $11 a pair they are an affordable investment and easy to carry in your range bag.

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