January 18, 2018

The Ultimate Concealed Carry Gun?

Is there such a thing? It’s a topic that can cause a long, drawn out argument. Everybody has their favorite, whether it be a 1911 or a Glock, opinions vary.

One thing is for sure, your firearm that you carry for self defense needs to be reliable and it needs to be able to quickly stop the threat that is trying to harm or kill you. For years the 45 ACP has been a preferred round, the 10mm is another great round with plenty of power but for some, too much recoil (even the FBI thought it would be too much recoil to issue to all of their agents).

Armscor, the Arms Corporation of the Philippines, is the maker of the Rock Island Armory line of firearms. I’m not sure how this escaped my attention, but they released a new 1911 concept at this years’ SHOT show. After looking over their new idea I am becoming more and more convinced this may be the perfect carry gun.

Here is their concept, a time proven, reliable firearm chambered for a round that provides a 40 grain bullet at over 2000 feet per second with four hundred foot pounds of energy (at the muzzle) and nineteen rounds of firepower before reloading. It fires the .22 TCM, or Tuason Craig Micromag developed by Fred Craig. It is basically a necked down .223 Remington modified to use in a 1911. I’ll save you the Google search, a 9mm Parabellum provides a 124 to 165 grain bullet at one thousand or so feet per second (once again at the muzzle) with three hundred to three hundred fifty foot pounds of energy (this info is approximate due to the many different loads in 9mm and comes from Federals web site). The 45 ACP provides a 230 grain bullet at nine hundred feet per second with four hundred fourteen foot pounds of energy at the muzzle. The FN 5.7×28 provides a 28 to 40 grain bullet at around two thousand feet per second to two thousand three hundred feet per second with about three hundred forty foot pounds of energy.

Now, I know you may be quibbling over the 40 grain bullet, but when you look at ballistics and the ability to stop the threat you will find that a rifle will almost always be a better choice than a handgun. Even the .223 with a 50 grain bullet will cause more trauma than a larger 124 grain 9mm bullet. A smaller bullet with a higher velocity will cause more trauma thus helping to ensure you are stopping the threat before it stops you. Clint Smith advocated using your handgun to fight your way to your rifle of shotgun.

So, you are still leery of this new round although it packs 19 rounds of more firepower than any production handgun I can think of. Well, Armscor will throw in a 9mm barrel so you can swap out calibers at any time you fancy.
If you want more info you can do a Google search or pick up the latest issue of American Handgunner.

For this weeks specials I am offering up the Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle in 380 ACP.
Micro Desert Eagle
As you can see, this is the all nickel version and it comes with one six round magazine. I have this gun in stock and ready to sell, but I will only offer one gun at this price. I will let it go for my dealer cost – $415 out the door for local buyers. You cannot beat that price even if you buy online and avoid sales tax.

I have purchased several used rifles and shotguns, hopefully by next week I’ll have pictures and info on them. If you are looking for a Ruger M77 in .243 or a Browning Lightweight BLR in .243 let me know.

What caliber do you carry?

Being a firearms dealer I always run across things that surprise me. This past week I was reading an internet forum where firearms dealers were telling what handgun they chose to carry for personal protection. As you would expect, there were some nice choices – STI, Kimber etc. But, one really surprised me. Now, I’m sure somebody out there that will read this may be offended, but hopefully it may make you reconsider. One firearms dealer carried a North American Arms mini in twenty-two magnum. I would have never guessed anyone that sold firearms would choose that as a daily carry. <p>

If you have followed my blog, you will have read my post on various calibers and shot placement. Twenty-two magnum is nowhere on the list. In some extreme case I can see carrying that gun as a back-up, but not as primary carry. Some may argue that five shots of twenty-two magnum could stop someone, but I would argue that a brick could do the same thing and be much cheaper than the NAA. <p>

Why would someone choose such a small caliber in a handgun that is not the easiest to shoot and aim? It is better than nothing, but just barely. Now, if he would have chosen the Kel-Tec PMR 30 (which holds 30 plus one of twenty-two magnum) I could understand. But, five rounds out of a minute revolver? <p>

There are too many choices even for someone on a very limited budget. For example, I had a single mother on a very limited and fixed income that needed something to protect her and her teenage daughter. I fixed her up with a six shot .357 magnum revolver for right at $300. It gave her a gun that would fire with every pull of the trigger, had minimal mechanics to learn (like tap, rack and slide drills or multiple safeties to disengage) and would also fire a variety of ammo. She could use lower recoil .38’s, .38 plus P or full power .357 magnum rounds. <p>

So, this week I want to encourage you to really consider what your primary carry weapon is. After the tragedy this week in the Carson City IHOP you should place yourself in that situation. You are sitting down eating breakfast and a crazy man intent on murder walks in with an AK47 and a handgun. And, all you have to defend yourself is a five shot twenty-two magnum mini revolver. <p>

Ruger LCP

Therefore, let’s consider some better carry options. How about the Ruger LCP in .380 ACP? How about 2% over my cost, $297 out the door for local buyers – I’ll even offer the Ruger NRA edition of the LCP, $343 out the door. How about an LCP with a laser? $426 out the door for an LCP with the Crimson trace laser. <p>

Maybe you want something a bit more substantial -an SR9C for$415 out the door. All of these I am offering for only 2% over my cost through 9/16 or until the distributors run out of stock (whichever comes first). <p>

One last special in remembrance of the 911 tragedy ten years ago. I will offer the Taurus PT1911 in 9mm for 1% over cost, $493 out the door . This offer will be good through 9/16 or when supplies are exhausted, whichever is first. The distributor only has 12 of these in stock, no back orders, when those 12 are gone the deal is over. All five of these handguns come with Davidson’s lifetime warranty. <p>



Have a great week and thanks for your business. As always, I reserve the right to rescind these offers as I deem necessary.



Taurus PT-1911

Taurus PT-1911

LCP Crimson Trace   

LCP Crimson Trace


Ruger SR9C

Ruger SR9C