January 18, 2018

Crazy Gun Nuts – There is Always One in the Crowd

You have probably seen it too, you are out at the range, your local gun shop, work etc. when you hear the wildest stories involving firearms. Most of the time I have to refrain myself from telling Mr. storyteller that he is flat out wrong. The stories go beyond being amusing and the most disgusting part is some people new to firearms may actually believe the stories.

I was at my local range yesterday and I was looking at the “for sale” board. Another member came up and asked if there was anything good and I said yes, there was a LNIB Ruger LCP for $200. He then proceeded to tell me how the LCP was junk and how it was extremely inaccurate. That is funny since I have owned two and I can easily hit center of mass at 50 feet with the LCP. This particular guy was a revolver fan so I guess he needed to down play semi-autos. After telling me how bad the LCP was he then proceeded to show me his gun collection – in his trunk. It was strange since he had a variety of firearms just laying in his trunk – no cases or protection of any kind. He even mentioned that the AR in his trunk could shoot 1/4 moa. I think if I had an AR that shot that well I would at least invest in a soft case. Needless to say, I took everything he told me with a grain of salt.

I tell this story to remind people that you should take everything you hear about firearms with a grain of salt. Do your research but do not fall into the trap of believing the first person you talk with. I try to make all my reviews on Youtube as subjective as possible. I have to pay for everything I buy and review so you do not have to worry about me being influenced.

This week I have a couple used shotguns for sale. I have a Browning BPS 12 gauge in camo that has a nice sling and fiber optic sights for $325. I also have a Mossberg 500a self defense type shotgun for $250. If you are looking for a handgun, I have a S&W M&P compact, TALO edition, in 9mm for $510 out the door. I just got in a Ruger LCR .38 special also. It is brand new and it is selling for $450 out the door.

Make sure you vote this week, our gun rights will be greatly influenced by this election. Be safe and be ready and thanks for reading the blog.

Cyber Monday Deals

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I’ve been getting numerous e-mails since last week about all the sales. Well, not to leave my customers feeling left out, I thought I would offer up some cyber Monday deals for a couple of guns I have in stock and ready to sell.

My first deal is for a NIB Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle in 380 ACP.
Micro Desert Eagle
As you can see, this is the all nickel version and it comes with one six round magazine. I have this gun in stock and ready to sell, but I will only offer one gun at this price. I will let it go for my dealer cost – $415 out the door for local buyers. You cannot beat that price even if you buy online and avoid sales tax. This price is good until 12/02/2011.

Next up I have a like new in box Ruger LCP. This was my personal backup gun that I am putting up for sale. It comes with two magazines and all the original accessories. I have also highlighted the front sight with white paint to make lining up the sights a bit easier. I will also throw in two magazines of Hornady Critical Defense so once you pick this up you will be ready to carry. I have already fired both jacketed and self defense ammo through this to ensure it functions properly and it looks new. I will sell the entire package for $300 out the door for local buyers.

Once again, thanks for your business and be careful now that we are in the holiday shopping season. There are plenty of thugs out there ready to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers who are not aware of their surroundings. Check back in with us, we will continue to run sales through Christmas. If you have firearms on your Christmas shopping list we will be glad to try and help you locate them. Have a good ans safe week.

Holster talk

Most people that have a CHL are bound to have the drawer full of holsters. You never see a shortage of manufacturers claiming they have the latest and greatest offering that will meet all your needs. I wish that were true. <p>

The fact is that there are more holsters made that do not work well than there are that work well (at least that is my experience). I have always used IWB holsters in the past. Just recently I have traded the IWB for OWB and other types of holsters. I like IWB but I am getting tired of wearing holes through my clothing from the handgun rubbing in the same spot. So far the IWB seems to work a bit better for me. <p>

Those of you who have seen the Magpul handgun videos will be familiar with the Raven Concealment Kydex holsters (they use these throughout the video). I ordered one of their OWB for my 1911 as well as a magazine pouch and a few months later it arrived in the mail. After wearing this holster for numerous hours I can honestly say this is the best holster I have used to date. I doubt if I will go back to IWB after wearing my Raven Concealment holster. So far it serves my holster need 98% of the time. It is made well, allows quick access to the holster, it retains its shape for easy re-holstering and is less abrasive on my 1911 than leather. <p>

1% of the time when I cannot carry my 1911 I use Blackhawk’s ankle holster. It is reasonably comfortable and when I use it for my Ruger LCP I can hardly tell it is there. The main problem with ankle holsters is not being able to carry while wearing shorts. Living in South Texas that can create problems, but the ankle holster definitely has its place.<p>

There are times when neither an ankle holster not IWB/OWB will work (like when wearing exercise clothing). When I need to carry while wearing exercise clothing I choose to wear the SmartCarry. It holds a smaller frame handgun well without being too uncomfortable. <p>

Speaking of comfort, when you first start using a holster expect to spend a couple of weeks getting used to it. It may poke and prod but that is the price you pay in order to be armed. We have all heard the phrase “it is supposed to be comforting not comfortable”. It will never be as comfortable as when you do notcarry, but the extra discomfort will be worth while the first time you need it.<p>

By the way, when you invest in a good holster make sure you invest in a good belt. Your average department store belt will not hold up to carrying a firearm so do not even try to go cheap on a belt. 5.11 and Wilderness tactical make good nylon carry belts.<p>

If you need some advice before dropping your hard earned money on a holster or belt, drop me an e-mail and I will let you know what has and has not worked for me.<p>

I was looking for a good bargain for this weeks featured sale item. I didn’t see anything that struck me so I thought I would offer some more Ruger discounts. I’ll offer any rifle (excluding the 10/22) for 1% over my cost. I’ll offer any other Ruger for 3% over cost. This offer is good until October 6th and is only good for in stock new firearms at one of my distributors for local pickup. Contact us for prices on shipping one of these items<p>

We have a few new items in stock this week. We have a Fenix TK12 245 lumen tactical light, an Insight M3 90 lumen tactical weapons light, Wilson Combat 9mm and 380 ACP selfe defense ammo as well as Hornady Critical Defense and Speer Gold Dot in most major calibers.<p.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

Sig Sauer P250SC

I have recently purchased what looks like will be a decent small concealed carry gun. I have used several different smaller guns, Ruger LCP, Ruger LC9, Kahr Mk40, Kahr CW9 etc., when I need something small to carry. I normally carry 5” 1911, but depending upon what I am wearing it can be difficult to conceal. There are times when smaller is better.

As I was looking for my next “small” gun I decided that I wanted to have a minimum caliber of 9mm. I have used .380 ACP in the past but I want a bit more power with the option of using +P ammo. I recently read an article where a concealed carry individual shot a criminal four times in the chest with .380 self defense ammo and the criminal lived. As I stated in an earlier blog, you need to hit a vital area to stop someone – the larger the caliber the greater the chance of hitting a vital area.

I was going to try another Kahr, the PM9 to be exact, but I keep seeing the Sig P250SC and I wanted to give it a try to see how it would work. There are a couple of things I like about the P250SC, the price and getting three magazines with it. Not every 250SC comes with three magazines, I have purchased from one dealer who is throwing in the extra magazine. Since these magazines for the 250SC tend to run from $35 to $45 this was a real bargain. This particular gun will retail for $415, that is the out the door price which includes tax and shipping. The Ruger out the door retail would be $370, but it only comes with one magazine.

The P250 is a bit larger than the Ruger and Kahr. Like the Kahr, the double action trigger on the P250 is nice. I have heard complaints about the double action trigger on the P250’s, but it is better than the Ruger and not quite as good as on Kahr’s. It takes some getting used to, but I do not care for external safeties on a carry gun so it suits me fine. After running a few magazines through it and it shoots well, definitely more than adequate accuracy.

If you are interested in trying one of these send me an e-mail. The offer of three magazines is only through the end of August while supplies last. If you are interested in me shipping it to your FFL, contact me for pricing. Thanks for checking out the blog and be safe.

The Perfect Concealed Carry Gun

The perfect concealed carry gun – ask ten gun owners and you will probably get ten different answers. We have all heard the saying; the perfect gun is the one you are carrying. Having any gun is better than having no gun. I have been asked before why I carry concealed. As surprising as that question is to me, most of the time it is by non gun owners. What surprises me more is when gun owners ask why I carry multiple magazines. I carry concealed with 1 or more magazines to be prepared for what I hope never happen – the day when I have to use my gun in self defense.

So what is the perfect carry gun? I would say the one that you have spent time getting proficient using. The one you have spent hours at the range learning the ins and outs. The one you have fired hundreds of rounds through. The one you have test fired your carry ammo through. The perfect carry gun is the one you have practiced drawing concealed from. I won’t even get into calibers or size, but the perfect carry gun is the one you have learned to use proficiently. Do not wait until it’s time to use your carry gun to become familiar with it. Spend time dry firing, spend time holstering and drawing and spend time firing so you can become familiar with your carry gun. This week is the perfect time, pick up some ammo and head to the range with your carry gun. Practice drawing while concealed, moving while firing and re-holstering. When you get home spend some time dry firing. Maybe when you are done you will realize the gun you are carrying isn’t really the ideal concealed carry gun. You can learn a lot about your handgun in a couple of hours at the range. But, most of all make sure you have a carry gun with you at all times the law allows.

Our special this week will be the Ruger LC9. I have one in stock but I can get more as needed. For those of you that have the LCP, the LC9 is pretty similar but a bit larger. It also comes with real sights and a safety. These are selling online for $390 (plus you would have to add the FFL transfer fee which would push these over $400) but this week I am selling them for $360 out the door. This offer is only good until my distributor sells out of them.