January 18, 2018

As We Near The Holiday Season

It is already the end of year, the Holidays are quickly approaching and we have another four years of our current presidential administration. Who knows what the next four years will yield for gun enthusiasts, but I can assure you that both firearms and ammo pricing will be going up. There has been a universal increase in sales across the industry. Many are worried that the administration will be banning, regulating or somehow removing our rights. This always drives up prices within the industry.

I am guessing that NFA weapons will be the next target. I would suggest that if you have a desire to own any now is the time to start the paperwork to get your tax stamp. I can see the tax stamp being raised from $200 to am amount that most people will not want to pay. Justification would be easy since the $200 tax stamp has never been increased since it was instituted in the 30’s. $200 was a lot of money then, how would a $2000 tax stamp affect NFA (National Firearms Act) sales?

I am not a class three (i.e. NFA) dealer so I cannot get these items for you, but there are several places in Houston that can. If you have been on the fence about getting a suppressor, short barreled rifle etc. now is the time to buy.
I still have a couple used shotguns for sale and I am willing to deal. You can either make me a cash offer or trade offer, I may just take it since I am ready to get these out of my safe. I have a Browning BPS Camo shotgun in 12 gauge, a Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun in 12 gauge (currently listed on Gunbroker with no reserve) and a Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge.

This week I just got in a great concealed carry handgun. It is the S&W M&P compact in .357 Sig. Apparently S&W will no longer be making the M&P in .357 Sig so I got a great deal on these. In order to mark these down they were listed as “used” at the distributor, although the distributor claims they are new and have full S&W warranty (they look brand new). The .357 is actually a great self defense caliber although it can be expensive to shoot. I have a solution for you though, a .40 S&W barrel will fit in place of the .357 and now you have a multi caliber handgun. The M&P compact will sell for $399 plus tax, the original S&W MSRP on this pistol was $727. For another $80 I will throw in a new .40 S&W barrel. I was only able to get a couple of these so if you are interested let me know asap and I can get you more info.

Please make sure you are watching your surroundings as we enter the holiday season. There are plenty of people looking for victims and a free ride and they will gladly alleviate you of your hard earned money. Be aware at all times, watch for the suspicious people and avoid them. Enjoy the season and thanks for reading.

Crazy Gun Nuts – There is Always One in the Crowd

You have probably seen it too, you are out at the range, your local gun shop, work etc. when you hear the wildest stories involving firearms. Most of the time I have to refrain myself from telling Mr. storyteller that he is flat out wrong. The stories go beyond being amusing and the most disgusting part is some people new to firearms may actually believe the stories.

I was at my local range yesterday and I was looking at the “for sale” board. Another member came up and asked if there was anything good and I said yes, there was a LNIB Ruger LCP for $200. He then proceeded to tell me how the LCP was junk and how it was extremely inaccurate. That is funny since I have owned two and I can easily hit center of mass at 50 feet with the LCP. This particular guy was a revolver fan so I guess he needed to down play semi-autos. After telling me how bad the LCP was he then proceeded to show me his gun collection – in his trunk. It was strange since he had a variety of firearms just laying in his trunk – no cases or protection of any kind. He even mentioned that the AR in his trunk could shoot 1/4 moa. I think if I had an AR that shot that well I would at least invest in a soft case. Needless to say, I took everything he told me with a grain of salt.

I tell this story to remind people that you should take everything you hear about firearms with a grain of salt. Do your research but do not fall into the trap of believing the first person you talk with. I try to make all my reviews on Youtube as subjective as possible. I have to pay for everything I buy and review so you do not have to worry about me being influenced.

This week I have a couple used shotguns for sale. I have a Browning BPS 12 gauge in camo that has a nice sling and fiber optic sights for $325. I also have a Mossberg 500a self defense type shotgun for $250. If you are looking for a handgun, I have a S&W M&P compact, TALO edition, in 9mm for $510 out the door. I just got in a Ruger LCR .38 special also. It is brand new and it is selling for $450 out the door.

Make sure you vote this week, our gun rights will be greatly influenced by this election. Be safe and be ready and thanks for reading the blog.

More of “Caliber Choice for Self Defense”

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about shootings and what to do if we are caught in the middle of one. I am of the mindset that every person who carries a firearm for self defense needs to know before hand what they will do. I realize that you cannot possibly think through every scenario, but you can “rehearse” what your plan is when faced with the most common situations. I have advocated before that you should use the scenarios you read about in the news to decide what you would have done. When you are faced with a real life situation that requires an instantaneous decision, that is not the time to figure out what is and is not legal.

I tell customers that are looking for a local CHL instructor to go to Charles Cotton, a local CHL instructor who happens to be an attorney, on the NRA board and has extensive background with the legal aspect of self defense shootings. Why go to an instructor that has only completed the Texas DPS Instructor Course (and only knows as much about the law as he learned during his 5 days of training) when you can be taught by an attorney? My point of recommending Mr. Cotton is that the most important aspect of having a CHL is knowing what is and is not legal. You need to know that before you are ever going to carry a handgun.

Back to my original idea I am trying to convey. I have mentioned this before and have given proof of my statement, shot placement is the most important aspect of stopping the threat. People will argue for years about what caliber is best, yet whether you are shot by a 45 ACP or 380 ACP, if the projectile does not hit a vital area the threat will not be stopped. There have been advancements in ammunition over the last few years and we are now privy to great self defense ammo. Sure there is not the same “force” behind a 380 as compared to 45 ACP, but if I hit you in your heart with a 380, you are not going to care that it was not a 45 (and you will go down, I promise).

I ran across a video this week that demonstrates my point on caliber. It is not the best video, but it is a doctor giving a presentation on gunshot wounds. Not everything he states from a firearms perspective is true, but the info is interesting and backs up my statements on caliber choice and shot placement. By the way, I will warn you, if you are squeamish you will not want to see this video, there are some gruesome images in it.

Some points for you to be looking for, my claim about hitting a vital area is backed up at 11:37 in the video. At 13 minutes you can see exactly where you need to aim to hit a vital area. The myth about “knock down power” is addressed at 14 minutes. For those of you that think .40 S&W is the ideal round, check out the x-ray at 17 minutes. Not to leave out the .357 magnum fans, there is actual footage of a man shot by a .357 at 22:30.

Overall it was worthwhile watching the video to get the perspective of an ER doctor. One item worth noting, I have also stated before that when given a choice always use a rifle when trying to stop a threat. He gives some info in the video to back this idea up also. Take this info and put it into practice, it may save your life or someone else’s life some day. As a CHL holder I pray that I am never in a situation where I have to use a firearm against another human being. But, if that situation ever arises, I want to be able to stop the threat before it takes my life or another innocent person’s life. Be safe, be prepared and have a good week.

Video Reviews

I’ve been pretty busy lately between my “full time” job and the firearms business. With the current demand for firearms I spend a lot of time trying to track down firearms for customers as well as time spent for customers picking up purchases. Unfortunately it does not allow me enough time to post enough firearm and related product reviews. This week I posted some short videos on a Liberty Mystic Suppressor and an I.O. Inc 380 ACP handgun. As always, everything I review I purchase myself. Unlike the publications and the large outfits, I do not get manufacturer samples to evaluate. This allows me to be unbiased and to look at products just as you would. As one poster on my Youtube channel stated, I post the good, bad and ugly of what I find. Whatever I see I let you know so you can be assured you get the actual performance.

I will be purchasing a Yukon night vision scope this week due to a recommendation of a customer. Most night vision products are rather pricey, but a regular customer of mine recommended the Yukon line of night vision products. They are first generation and the price reflects this. From what I gather so far, even though they are gen 1 they offer great performance for the price. There are a few models that run from a few hundred dollars for a night vision monocular to $500 plus for a night vision scope. I think the Yukon line falls right within the price range that the majority of buyers are willing to pay. Let’s face it, not many consumers are willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for a night vision scope (I know I am not willing to do that!). Most buyers in our area of South Texas are looking for something to hunt pigs and some nuisance animals. Once I get my Yukon scope I plan on setting up a coyote or pig hunt to try it out. Of course I will post a video on my Youtube channel to let you know how it worked.

Thinking about product reliability and warranty coverage I tend to recommend my customers buy firearms from Gallery of Guns. I do not make any more money using them, but they offer a lifetime warranty that allows me to get defective firearms replaced. It saves you, the buyer, from having to deal with sending your firearm to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. I can send back your firearm myself and have a replacement within 5 business days (about 2-3 for handguns). I know from experience that the manufacturer can take weeks to perform warranty work. As a matter of fact, right now I am waiting for a customers’ handgun to be repaired under warranty and it has been over a month waiting for warranty repair (it was not purchased from Gallery of Guns). If he would have purchased via Gallery of Guns I could have had a replacement within 2-3 business days. Check out my videos on Youtube for the latest product reviews. Give us a call if you need anything and we will see what we can find for you. Thanks for your business and for taking the time to read the blog.

Thoughts on Your Choice of Self-Defense Weapons

This past week I was discussing the choice of self defense weapons with a customer. We were going over the various options of self defense weapons including both handguns and long guns.

After going over a few handgun options I mentioned something that I do not think he had thought of before. I reminded him that he is responsible for every projectile that leaves the barrel of his firearm. We discussed the use of shotguns inside the home and the various ammunition available.

It is a very important point to take into consideration, where those thirty-three caliber pieces of lead are going. Depending upon the brand there are roughly 9-12 pieces of lead leaving the barrel that each have the ability of penetrating flesh. After some thought on where this may be used the shotgun may not be the ideal weapon in certain circumstances.

We talked about the use of the .410 caliber revolvers that are popular and also discussed the issues with using a shotgun shell for self defense. I think in the home it may be a good choice in some circumstances, but outside the home is less than ideal.

Suppose you are in a parking lot and are forced to use it in self defense. You may have numerous people behind the assailant that could possibly be hit by some lead leaving your revolver. In my mind the idea of me getting injured by an assailant is better than an innocent bystander getting injured by my weapon.

It is a serious and important issue that every firearm owner needs to consider when choosing both a self defense weapon and ammunition.

The special this week will be a 1911 pistol by Citadel. While distributor supplies last or until May 6th it will go for $577 out the door.



LEG CIT 1911 45AP 5B 8RD WD


Legacy Sports Intl|Citadel

Model #:

Citadel 1911 Full Size


Semi-Automatic Pistol


Matte Black


Checkered Wood Grips


Novak Style Sights

Barrel Length:


Overall Length:



36 oz






Single Action

# of Mags:




Lockable Plastic Case


Matte Black




1911 Round Trigger Guard, Series 70 Firing System
Full Length Guide Rod,Skeletonized Hammer & Trigger

Get Them While You Can

As I have posted earlier, the firearms industry as a whole has been doing well and sales are at all time highs. Between our current administration and the ideas floating around of the world coming to an end, firearms are being purchased at record rates. The demand has been high for months now and demand has not decreased. Manufacturers are unable to keep up with demand hence the trouble people are having finding firearms. I just recently got back from a trip to Arizona and it doesn’t appear things are any better in other states as far as availability. BTW, in Arizona it is legal to open carry and handgun. I was hoping to run across someone doing that, but to my disappointment I did not run across anyone.<p>

I have over ten different distributors I can purchase from. This past week I was only able to find four AR’s (priced under $1000) in stock. Handguns like Glock’s and S&W M&P’s are difficult to find in abundance. Newer models like the Springfield XDS and S&W shield are even more elusive to dealers. Kel-Tec revealed the KSG shotgun about 15 months ago and has still not manufactured enough to meet even a small portion of demand.

This is good for the industry but bad for the consumer. The high demand and low availability usually results in much higher prices. I noticed a Glock that would normally sell for around $550 for sale on a gun forum for $1000. If you browse Gunbroker.com you can see what the Kel-Tec KSG’s are selling for.

Being a smaller dealer I have yet to even see a KSG, one of my sales reps at a distributor has not even seen one in stock yet. The good news is that with more and more buyers of firearms it should add more second amendment backers to the population. The more citizens we have that are pro second amendment, the better off we are.

Although I cannot offer up any of the high demand firearms, I will offer a small concealed carry gun this week. This special is for local buyers only, as the sale price of $317 out the door is good through the end of April 2012. I am offering the Taurus M85 polymer five shot revolver. It weighs a hair over 18 ounces unloaded and comes with Gallery of Guns lifetime warranty. It has a rubber grip and fiber optic front sight.

Have a great week and give us a call if there is anything we can help you with.

Firearms are getting harder to find…..

In case you never heard, Ruger released a statement this past week announcing that they have received orders for over  a million firearms already in 2012. They are suspending taking any orders until they can meet the production demands.<p>

This is indicative of the entire firearms industry now, firearms seem to be getting harder to find as firearm sales continue to rise. The firearm consumer can expect a more difficult time finding the firearm they want and things may get worse as the election gets closer. It is hard to imagine that there are more consumers wanting firearms and that the manufacturers cannot meet the demand, but that is the case right now. The bad part for the consumer is that when the firearms market tends to dry up firearms prices seem to increase. If there are firearms you have been wanting I would start looking now.<p>

I just posted an initial review of the new Armscor/Rock Island Armory TCM. It’s a dual caliber 1911 style pistol that offers 17 plus 1 of 9mm or 17 plus 1 of the new 22TCM. Click “links” then “video” to check out the review. Right now I have not fired the pistol but my initial impression is that I think this will make a good handgun for the 1911 guys. The 22TCM round looks impressive on paper but I think for it to really take off we need the major ammo manufacturers to start offering ammo for it. Right now as far as I know Armscor is the only maker of 22TCM ammo.<p>

I have a good special this week for anyone needing a good scope for your rimfire rifle. I am offering a Nikon 3-9×40 scope with BDC for $146 out the door. I know, what is the big deal about that? Nikon is offering a $50 rebate on this scope which results in you picking up a good rimfire scope with bullet drop compensation for under $100 after rebate. This offer is good while supplies last through the end of Nikon’s rebate period. You can check it out here:http://nikonpromo.com/

Thanks for checking out the blog, have a great week.

Self Defense Ammo

People often balk at the price of self defense ammo. That is mainly what I have in stock, a small variety of self defense ammo in the major calibers since it is harder to find locally. Most of the retail chain stores have a dismal selection of self defense ammo. People are often eager to purchase a handgun for concealed carry and eager to head to the local retail chain store to pick up some cheap plinking ammo. But, they are reluctant to fork out $20 per box for some good self defense ammo.

I realize paying a dollar per round is expensive, but if you ever get into a situation where you need to defend your life or your families life I guarantee you will wish you had the best ammo available. There are numerous factors already stacked against you in a gun fight. You should take one of those factors out of the equation and ensure your ammo is optimized for its intended use.

“Buy once cry once” and spend some money on a few boxes of good self defense ammo. Then, head out to the range and test that ammo in your carry gun so you can ensure if functions properly when you need it most. In the middle of a battle for your life is no time to find out your ammo tends to cause feed problems. Ammunition manufacturers have made great improvements in the self defense ammo and we have a great selection today. Find out what is best for your handgun and use it.

We are now carrying CR123 batteries which are fairly common in flashlights/weapons lights. A three pack is $7 out the door or we have them priced at $2.50 per battery out the door.

This week the special is a Walther handgun in 380 ACP. As long as supplies last these will sell for $367 out the door for local buyers. Thanks for the business and have a safe week.

Mfg Item Num: WAP40002
Type : Pistol
Action :Single/Double
Caliber :380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
Barrel Length :3.6″
Capacity :8 + 1
Safety :Ambidextrous
Grips :Black Synthetic
Sights :3-Dot Adjustable
Weight :19.4 oz
Finish :Two Tone Black/Nickel
Walther 40002

Pocket Guns

It’s nice to see the manufacturers listening to what the consumers want. Leupold is making a scope with a reticle specifically for hunting hogs. Hog hunting is getting to be real popular, especially with the way they multiply and the damage they can do to farmers as well as other land owners. In the realm of self defense manufacturers have been addressing “pocket pistols”, those small enough to carry concealed for personal protection.

Sig has their P290, Kahr introduced their polymer/steel CM9 (a smaller version of the CW9, akin to the MK40 but at a reasonable price due to the polymer frame), Ruger has the SR9C/SR40C as well as the LC9, S&W has the M&P in compact versions, Glock has had the G26/27 and recently Beretta introduced the pocket sized Nano.

The LC9, CM9 and Nano are in a class of their own. I say this due to their size and their price. There are numerous “compact” carry guns but these three are priced reasonably and are smaller than many of the other carry guns. My Sig P250SC is small and reasonably priced, but in comparison to the LC9 it is much larger. Sometimes it is not possible or practical to carry a full size 1911 and the LC9, CM9 and Nano will fit the bill. Many of us do not have a lot of extra cash to drop down on a small carry gun after funding the cost of our primary gun and Ruger, Kahr and Beretta are all listening to what the consumer is telling them.

As a comparison, a rough estimate on “out the door” pricing for a local customer buying these from us are as follows. The Kahr CM9 would come in around $436, the Ruger LC9 at $355 and the Beretta Nano at $413. If you are looking for a small and reliable carry gun in 9mm those are pretty reasonable prices compared to the price range of many handguns today. Which one would I favor? I’m not sure since I have not fired the CM9 or the recently introduced Nano. I know that Kahr normally has a real smooth double action trigger pull and the Nano looks to be a good choice from the reviews I have seen. I really do not think you can go wrong with any of the three as a “sub compact” carry gun or a back-up gun.

I’ll continue to run the Ruger promo for all firearms picked up by October 15th. This week I’ll offer any new Ruger rifle (in other than .22 S/L/LR) at 1% over cost and any .22 caliber rifle or any handgun in stock for 2% over cost for local buyers. This offer is only good for in stock firearms at one of my distributors that are transferred on or before October 15th.

Holster talk

Most people that have a CHL are bound to have the drawer full of holsters. You never see a shortage of manufacturers claiming they have the latest and greatest offering that will meet all your needs. I wish that were true. <p>

The fact is that there are more holsters made that do not work well than there are that work well (at least that is my experience). I have always used IWB holsters in the past. Just recently I have traded the IWB for OWB and other types of holsters. I like IWB but I am getting tired of wearing holes through my clothing from the handgun rubbing in the same spot. So far the IWB seems to work a bit better for me. <p>

Those of you who have seen the Magpul handgun videos will be familiar with the Raven Concealment Kydex holsters (they use these throughout the video). I ordered one of their OWB for my 1911 as well as a magazine pouch and a few months later it arrived in the mail. After wearing this holster for numerous hours I can honestly say this is the best holster I have used to date. I doubt if I will go back to IWB after wearing my Raven Concealment holster. So far it serves my holster need 98% of the time. It is made well, allows quick access to the holster, it retains its shape for easy re-holstering and is less abrasive on my 1911 than leather. <p>

1% of the time when I cannot carry my 1911 I use Blackhawk’s ankle holster. It is reasonably comfortable and when I use it for my Ruger LCP I can hardly tell it is there. The main problem with ankle holsters is not being able to carry while wearing shorts. Living in South Texas that can create problems, but the ankle holster definitely has its place.<p>

There are times when neither an ankle holster not IWB/OWB will work (like when wearing exercise clothing). When I need to carry while wearing exercise clothing I choose to wear the SmartCarry. It holds a smaller frame handgun well without being too uncomfortable. <p>

Speaking of comfort, when you first start using a holster expect to spend a couple of weeks getting used to it. It may poke and prod but that is the price you pay in order to be armed. We have all heard the phrase “it is supposed to be comforting not comfortable”. It will never be as comfortable as when you do notcarry, but the extra discomfort will be worth while the first time you need it.<p>

By the way, when you invest in a good holster make sure you invest in a good belt. Your average department store belt will not hold up to carrying a firearm so do not even try to go cheap on a belt. 5.11 and Wilderness tactical make good nylon carry belts.<p>

If you need some advice before dropping your hard earned money on a holster or belt, drop me an e-mail and I will let you know what has and has not worked for me.<p>

I was looking for a good bargain for this weeks featured sale item. I didn’t see anything that struck me so I thought I would offer some more Ruger discounts. I’ll offer any rifle (excluding the 10/22) for 1% over my cost. I’ll offer any other Ruger for 3% over cost. This offer is good until October 6th and is only good for in stock new firearms at one of my distributors for local pickup. Contact us for prices on shipping one of these items<p>

We have a few new items in stock this week. We have a Fenix TK12 245 lumen tactical light, an Insight M3 90 lumen tactical weapons light, Wilson Combat 9mm and 380 ACP selfe defense ammo as well as Hornady Critical Defense and Speer Gold Dot in most major calibers.<p.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.