January 18, 2018

Million Gun Challenge

As a gun owners we should realize the importance of organizations like the NRA. Whether you are a hunter, participate in sporting type firearm events or carry for self defense the NRA helps to ensure we continue to have the right to use our firearms as we see fit. Although I do not agree with every decision the NRA makes, overall they help protect our second amendment rights and help protect them for future generations. It’s nice to see that gun manufacturers also realize the importance of the NRA for the entire industry – it benefits both the manufacturer and consumer. Ruger has once again announced it’s “million gun challenge”. They pledge to donate one million dollars to the NRA if one million Ruger firearms are purchased between the 2011 and 2012 NRA shows. You can read the press release here:

I have owned several Ruger’s over the years and they make reasonably priced, dependable and well made firearms. In order to help achieve the million gun challenge I will offer to sell any Ruger at 3% over my cost. This deal is only good for those that mention seeing this on my blog, so make sure you let me know where you saw this.

This week I will offer two firearms at an extra discount for anyone mentioning they saw them on the blog. The first one is a NIB Ruger LC9. It comes with Davidson’s/Gallery of Guns lifetime warranty. Local customers willing to stop by and pick it up can take it home for $341 out the door. If you are not local contact us for pricing, we can ship it to your FFL.

Ruger LC9

The second firearm I am offering is a Smith and Wesson M&P in 9mm. It has the 4.25″ barrel, two 17 rounds magazines and manual thumb safety. It also comes with a lifetime warranty through Davidson’s/Gallery of Guns. Local customers can take this one home for $497 out the door. Once again if you are not local call us for pricing, we can ship this to your FFL.
M&P 9 mm

The Perfect Concealed Carry Gun

The perfect concealed carry gun – ask ten gun owners and you will probably get ten different answers. We have all heard the saying; the perfect gun is the one you are carrying. Having any gun is better than having no gun. I have been asked before why I carry concealed. As surprising as that question is to me, most of the time it is by non gun owners. What surprises me more is when gun owners ask why I carry multiple magazines. I carry concealed with 1 or more magazines to be prepared for what I hope never happen – the day when I have to use my gun in self defense.

So what is the perfect carry gun? I would say the one that you have spent time getting proficient using. The one you have spent hours at the range learning the ins and outs. The one you have fired hundreds of rounds through. The one you have test fired your carry ammo through. The perfect carry gun is the one you have practiced drawing concealed from. I won’t even get into calibers or size, but the perfect carry gun is the one you have learned to use proficiently. Do not wait until it’s time to use your carry gun to become familiar with it. Spend time dry firing, spend time holstering and drawing and spend time firing so you can become familiar with your carry gun. This week is the perfect time, pick up some ammo and head to the range with your carry gun. Practice drawing while concealed, moving while firing and re-holstering. When you get home spend some time dry firing. Maybe when you are done you will realize the gun you are carrying isn’t really the ideal concealed carry gun. You can learn a lot about your handgun in a couple of hours at the range. But, most of all make sure you have a carry gun with you at all times the law allows.

Our special this week will be the Ruger LC9. I have one in stock but I can get more as needed. For those of you that have the LCP, the LC9 is pretty similar but a bit larger. It also comes with real sights and a safety. These are selling online for $390 (plus you would have to add the FFL transfer fee which would push these over $400) but this week I am selling them for $360 out the door. This offer is only good until my distributor sells out of them.