January 18, 2018

Self Defense Ammo

People often balk at the price of self defense ammo. That is mainly what I have in stock, a small variety of self defense ammo in the major calibers since it is harder to find locally. Most of the retail chain stores have a dismal selection of self defense ammo. People are often eager to purchase a handgun for concealed carry and eager to head to the local retail chain store to pick up some cheap plinking ammo. But, they are reluctant to fork out $20 per box for some good self defense ammo.

I realize paying a dollar per round is expensive, but if you ever get into a situation where you need to defend your life or your families life I guarantee you will wish you had the best ammo available. There are numerous factors already stacked against you in a gun fight. You should take one of those factors out of the equation and ensure your ammo is optimized for its intended use.

“Buy once cry once” and spend some money on a few boxes of good self defense ammo. Then, head out to the range and test that ammo in your carry gun so you can ensure if functions properly when you need it most. In the middle of a battle for your life is no time to find out your ammo tends to cause feed problems. Ammunition manufacturers have made great improvements in the self defense ammo and we have a great selection today. Find out what is best for your handgun and use it.

We are now carrying CR123 batteries which are fairly common in flashlights/weapons lights. A three pack is $7 out the door or we have them priced at $2.50 per battery out the door.

This week the special is a Walther handgun in 380 ACP. As long as supplies last these will sell for $367 out the door for local buyers. Thanks for the business and have a safe week.

Mfg Item Num: WAP40002
Type : Pistol
Action :Single/Double
Caliber :380 Automatic Colt Pistol (ACP)
Barrel Length :3.6″
Capacity :8 + 1
Safety :Ambidextrous
Grips :Black Synthetic
Sights :3-Dot Adjustable
Weight :19.4 oz
Finish :Two Tone Black/Nickel
Walther 40002

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