February 17, 2018


Here is a review on an IWB Holster made by N82tactical (Nate Squared Tactical- http://n82tactical.com/):

.50 caliber Beowulf

I wanted to write a quick review of the Alexander Arms .50 Beowulf built on an AR platform. Now, I do not personally own one of these, the rifle I shot was a friend/customers. I like the concept of a hard hitting semi-auto round adapted to the AR platform. You can either buy the entire rifle, or upgrade your AR by purchasing an upper in .50 Beowulf. Here is a picture of the rifle we tested:

This particular model is a flat top, the optic we used was a red dot sight with no magnification. A good 3×9 would probably work better but we were shooting at 50 yards so the red dot worked well. Just looking at the rifle it doesn’t seem like anything too special… that is until you look at the barrel:

Yea, maybe hard to tell from the picture but trust me, it’s a large bore. As a matter of fact, lets take a gander at the .50 Beowulf round next to the 5.56 :

Not the best picture, but I think you get the idea of how massive this round is. We are using 335 grain hollow points. I think you can imagine the impact of this large round on the target. At 100 yards this round has a little under 2000 ft lbs of energy.

I know, there are rounds like the 7mm magnum that put out around 2800 ft lbs at 100 yards, but remember, there is a bit of difference in the projectile size. The 7 mm magnum is firing a bullet in the neighborhood of 150 grains. The .50 Beowulf is firing a 335 grain bullet. Yes it’s slower, but we have a chunk of metal over twice the size with only 800 some ft lbs less of energy.

So, you are probably wondering what kind of kick the shoulder absorbs out of this massive projectile launching from the barrel. Well, Alexander Arms likens it to a .20 gauge shotgun. But, I’ve never shot a .20 gauge that kicked this much. In order to give you a visual, check out the shoulder of the gun owner after a few rounds down range:

It’s a bit blurry but I was trying to keep his face out of the photo. I would actually compare the kick to my Weatherby Vanguard in 7mm magnum. I fired a few rounds and my shoulder is a bit sore, but nothing that detracts from the fun factor of this round.

This round makes massive holes and should be devastating on anything it hits. Some of you may be familiar with the episode of future weapons where Mack reviewed this round. I’m just as impressed as he was. As you can imagine, the ammunition is not exactly cheap for these. Right now it runs about $1.25 a round for the 335 grain ammo we were shooting – but, there is about a 14 week wait if you order from Alexander Arms. I think reloading would be the best option for anyone wanting to fully enjoy this gun. If anyone is interested in ammo send me an e-mail, I can get your name on the waiting list.

I think I will have to budget a .50 Beowulf upper for my future purchase. This gun was a blast to shoot and I would definitely recommend it to others. BTW, if you want to try one of these for yourself I am offering the entire rifle (entry rifle with quad rail) for $1425 (out the door price, this includes Texas sales tax and shipping for local pick-up). If you just need the upper I can provide that for $750 (out the door price, this includes Texas sales tax and shipping for local pick-up).

As always, be aware, stay safe and enjoy your second amendment rights. May God continue to bless the greatest nation on the face of the earth.