January 18, 2018

Reactive Targets – Tannerite

I was talking with a customer the other day about range time. We were both of the same mindset that we are tired of shooting paper targets. Paper targets are fine, but every once in a while it is nice to shoot something that gives some feedback. The problem is that all the ranges in the area that I know of only allow shooting paper targets.

I normally shoot the B21 targets with my handguns and the 100 yard sight in targets with my rifles. I recently changed my handgun targets to some heavy card stock targets from Targets Online that have different scenarios. Now instead of shooting at a silhouette I can practice shooting at a target resembling some of the scenarios I may see in real life. I have some with bad guys in a car, aiming guns, wielding knives, holding hostages etc. I think it is important to incorporate targets resembling humans when training. I have several of the different scenario targets for sale now at only .50 each. It’s a small investment that can help improve your training.

In addition to the new handgun targets I am now using Tannerite for rifle shooting. Well, actually I will be using it in a week or so. My range does not allow Tannerite so I have to go to a friends place. For those of you unfamiliar with Tannerite, it is a binary explosive. Meaning the two separate components, the oxidizer and the catalyst, are safe when separate. When combined it will leave “feedback” when shot by a centerfire rifle. Tannerite is not only safe but it gives shooters feedback on a good hit and it makes shooting more fun. If you are interested in trying some, I have the case of twenty 1/2 pound targets for $75 plus tax. I will order as needed so give me a call if you are interested.

Gun sales have been pretty brisk industry wide so many distributors are low on stock. I am currently looking for about 35 different firearms for customers and waiting for supplies to be replaced. Consequently I have not been listing weekly sales. But, if you are interested in a new firearm mention you read this on the blog and I will give you a discount. I will not state what the pricing is but I think you will be pleased. This offer is good through the end of February only to those mentioning the blog before ordering.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by – we appreciate your business.

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