January 18, 2018

Pocket Guns

It’s nice to see the manufacturers listening to what the consumers want. Leupold is making a scope with a reticle specifically for hunting hogs. Hog hunting is getting to be real popular, especially with the way they multiply and the damage they can do to farmers as well as other land owners. In the realm of self defense manufacturers have been addressing “pocket pistols”, those small enough to carry concealed for personal protection.

Sig has their P290, Kahr introduced their polymer/steel CM9 (a smaller version of the CW9, akin to the MK40 but at a reasonable price due to the polymer frame), Ruger has the SR9C/SR40C as well as the LC9, S&W has the M&P in compact versions, Glock has had the G26/27 and recently Beretta introduced the pocket sized Nano.

The LC9, CM9 and Nano are in a class of their own. I say this due to their size and their price. There are numerous “compact” carry guns but these three are priced reasonably and are smaller than many of the other carry guns. My Sig P250SC is small and reasonably priced, but in comparison to the LC9 it is much larger. Sometimes it is not possible or practical to carry a full size 1911 and the LC9, CM9 and Nano will fit the bill. Many of us do not have a lot of extra cash to drop down on a small carry gun after funding the cost of our primary gun and Ruger, Kahr and Beretta are all listening to what the consumer is telling them.

As a comparison, a rough estimate on “out the door” pricing for a local customer buying these from us are as follows. The Kahr CM9 would come in around $436, the Ruger LC9 at $355 and the Beretta Nano at $413. If you are looking for a small and reliable carry gun in 9mm those are pretty reasonable prices compared to the price range of many handguns today. Which one would I favor? I’m not sure since I have not fired the CM9 or the recently introduced Nano. I know that Kahr normally has a real smooth double action trigger pull and the Nano looks to be a good choice from the reviews I have seen. I really do not think you can go wrong with any of the three as a “sub compact” carry gun or a back-up gun.

I’ll continue to run the Ruger promo for all firearms picked up by October 15th. This week I’ll offer any new Ruger rifle (in other than .22 S/L/LR) at 1% over cost and any .22 caliber rifle or any handgun in stock for 2% over cost for local buyers. This offer is only good for in stock firearms at one of my distributors that are transferred on or before October 15th.

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