January 18, 2018

North Eastern Arms products for CZ58/VZ2008

This week I’m writing about a new product line I will be distributing, products from North Eastern Arms . I purchased a VZ2008 made by Century Arms International a couple of months ago. Although this is a cheap rifle I am impressed with it. I wanted to make some upgrades that would allow me to mount optics on it so I started the search for parts.

Mako makes polymer front handguards but I wanted something more stable for he opics mount. I found a company called North Eastern Arms out of Canada that offered some nice aluminum replacement handguards. One of my customers that owns a VZ2008 is currently using this aluminum mount and it is working well for him so I thought I would try one out. I’m kind of leery buying out of country but I decided to try them anyway. I ordered the front lower handguard and the upper handguard with a rail. This will allow me to mount a red dot sight as well as get rid of the ugly Bakelite handguards. As soon as they come in later this week I’ll post a video on the before and after.
I decided to try something different this week for my sale item. I’m going to offer any in stock handgun that one of my distributors has in stock for 2% over cost. I’m only offering this to a local buyer and to the first two people who contact me via the contact link to the left of this post. I’ll also offer a Bushmaster rifle to local buyers for 5% over my cost while the supplies last at Gallery of Guns.
For those of you interested in the North Eastern Arms products, check out their website and let me know if you would like to order anything.

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