January 18, 2018

More of “Caliber Choice for Self Defense”

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about shootings and what to do if we are caught in the middle of one. I am of the mindset that every person who carries a firearm for self defense needs to know before hand what they will do. I realize that you cannot possibly think through every scenario, but you can “rehearse” what your plan is when faced with the most common situations. I have advocated before that you should use the scenarios you read about in the news to decide what you would have done. When you are faced with a real life situation that requires an instantaneous decision, that is not the time to figure out what is and is not legal.

I tell customers that are looking for a local CHL instructor to go to Charles Cotton, a local CHL instructor who happens to be an attorney, on the NRA board and has extensive background with the legal aspect of self defense shootings. Why go to an instructor that has only completed the Texas DPS Instructor Course (and only knows as much about the law as he learned during his 5 days of training) when you can be taught by an attorney? My point of recommending Mr. Cotton is that the most important aspect of having a CHL is knowing what is and is not legal. You need to know that before you are ever going to carry a handgun.

Back to my original idea I am trying to convey. I have mentioned this before and have given proof of my statement, shot placement is the most important aspect of stopping the threat. People will argue for years about what caliber is best, yet whether you are shot by a 45 ACP or 380 ACP, if the projectile does not hit a vital area the threat will not be stopped. There have been advancements in ammunition over the last few years and we are now privy to great self defense ammo. Sure there is not the same “force” behind a 380 as compared to 45 ACP, but if I hit you in your heart with a 380, you are not going to care that it was not a 45 (and you will go down, I promise).

I ran across a video this week that demonstrates my point on caliber. It is not the best video, but it is a doctor giving a presentation on gunshot wounds. Not everything he states from a firearms perspective is true, but the info is interesting and backs up my statements on caliber choice and shot placement. By the way, I will warn you, if you are squeamish you will not want to see this video, there are some gruesome images in it.

Some points for you to be looking for, my claim about hitting a vital area is backed up at 11:37 in the video. At 13 minutes you can see exactly where you need to aim to hit a vital area. The myth about “knock down power” is addressed at 14 minutes. For those of you that think .40 S&W is the ideal round, check out the x-ray at 17 minutes. Not to leave out the .357 magnum fans, there is actual footage of a man shot by a .357 at 22:30.

Overall it was worthwhile watching the video to get the perspective of an ER doctor. One item worth noting, I have also stated before that when given a choice always use a rifle when trying to stop a threat. He gives some info in the video to back this idea up also. Take this info and put it into practice, it may save your life or someone else’s life some day. As a CHL holder I pray that I am never in a situation where I have to use a firearm against another human being. But, if that situation ever arises, I want to be able to stop the threat before it takes my life or another innocent person’s life. Be safe, be prepared and have a good week.

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