January 18, 2018

More new product lines – STI and Dillon

I have a couple more new product lines that I am carrying, STI and Dillon. I had the pleasure this week to fire an STI Trojan in 45 ACP. I am partial to STI products for a few reasons. First they are a Texas company and I like to support other Texas businesses. Second, they are employee owned and I think their products reflect this in their quality and workmanship. Third, they make almost all of their parts in house and hand fit the handgun. Fourth, they make quality guns with better workmanship than 95% of the firearms I have transferred or sold. STI has an 18 week wait for custom orders but their most popular models are usually in stock.

The second line is Dillon reloading presses. Anyone who reloads is bound to have heard of Dillon presses. They are also a quality product known for their lifetime warranty and quality. If you are looking for a new press e-mail us and we’ll send you a quote.

This weeks special is a neat little pocket gun, the Sig Sauer P250 sub compact in 9mm. I’m going to offer this at 3% over cost this week to the first three customers and as a bonus this particular model comes with three magazines. The magazines for these run around $45 each so this is a great deal. If you are interested in one of these use the contact form and send me a note. This particular model is like the one below except it is a two tone, not all black like the picture.


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