January 18, 2018

Lost Cost and High Quality?

Sounds too good to be true, to find a firearm that has a low cost but still offers high quality. There are a few out there and I wanted to pass on the experience of a customer of mine. He was looking for a double barrel shotgun a while back and ended up buying a Baikal, imported by USSG. He recently purchased another Baikal, this time a semi-auto. <p>

I asked him how he liked the double barrel and he said it has functioned great. People cannot believe the price he paid for it. Most people will discount the lower priced, imported firearms but some real deals are available. I would like to see a better semi-auto shotgun that sells under $370 out the door. An added bonus is that these firearms are offered through Davidson’s, so even if there is a problem Davidson’s lifetime warranty will have you covered. If you want to see the reliability of a Baikal, check out this video:Baikal video

If you are in the market for a shotgun I suggest you check out what Baikal/USSG has to offer, I think you will be impressed by both price and quality.

Have a great Thanksgiving week and thank you for choosing us as your sporting goods dealer.


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