January 18, 2018

Hurricane Preparation

I was thinking back to Hurricane Ike and the minor chaos caused by the loss of power. I was fortunate and had planned ahead; I had a generator and portable a/c unit so I could have some form of comfort. The problem was filling the five gallon gas cans every day. Although there was a curfew, I managed to get out early and make it to a station in Alvin that had nobody waiting in line. I guess people like sleeping late since later in the morning there were lines of cars waiting for gas.

Just watching some of the idiotic behavior during Ike has helped me somewhat to make some minor preparations for the next time it may happen. I was fortunate to have plenty of water on hand along with the generator and a portable a/c unit, but I was looking for a better way of ensuring a good water supply. I was tired of buying case upon case of water and then trying to find a place to store it all. I decided to look into some form of water purification and I chose the Berkey water purification system. It requires no power and will remove parasites, viruses, metals, herbicides, pesticides, sediment and more. The filters will last for thousands of gallons and can even be cleaned to extend the life and filtration. They offer several sizes and you can even get a water bottle with a built in filter if you want something for your bug out bag. Now all I need to ensure weeks of clean drinking water is to have my two clean 50 gallon trash cans and my Berkey. When a storm hits the gulf I can fill up the trash cans and I’m ready for whatever may happen. In case something happens to my trash cans and I lose my water I always have the option of filtering rain water or even water pooled on the ground since the Berkey can remove all the contaminants.
I suggest you at least consider purchasing a water filtration system of some sort. You may never need it but the one time you do it will be invaluable. Click the Berkey link on my home page and check the system out.
Since we are into our July Fourth weekend I have a special offer for those looking for an AR.  While the supply lasts at my distributor, I am offering a DPMS Oracle model AR for $675 out the door. This is an optics ready carbine and is the lowest priced reliable AR I sell. Place your orders by Monday and I should have them ready to deliver by Thursday the 7th. Right now my distributor has plenty of these, but if they run out I can find substitutions but there will be an increase in price. This price is good for local pick-ups only, e-mail for shipping options.
Panther™ 5.56NATO Oracle™

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