January 18, 2018

How much firearms insurance do you have?

I know I’ve discussed this before, but a recent incident made me think about this again. A good customer of mine had his house broken in to and some of his firearms stolen. He was an NRA member but never activated his free $2500 insurance. They caught the guys that stole his firearms a day or two later so things turned out well for him. Many people are not that fortunate.

Fifteen cents a day, that is all it costs to have $2500 in firearms insurance through the NRA. People normally never think about it until they have a loss to report. It’s a pretty small cost to have the piece of mind that the gap between your homeowners or renters insurance will be covered. By the way, check out those policies. Chances are you have a $1000 or higher deductible. That means an out of pocket cost to you. It is easily avoidable, just click the “Join NRA” picture on the left side of the page and sign up for a year of NRA membership.

Once you are a member please ensure you go here and activate your coverage and buy any additional coverage so you will not have to worry about losing your firearms collection. http://www.nraendorsedinsurance.com/Benefits.aspx?prod=42

It’s not too late to purchase a new deer rifle and use it this year. Any new rifle, scope and rings combo purchased this week from us will get free mounting and laser boresighting. It’s an easy way to get on paper when sighting in a new scope and rifle combo.

This week we are featuring a fourth generation Glock 23. Due to MAP I cannot list pricing, but send us an e-mail and we will send you details on the sale price. This price will be good through October 22nd or until the distributor is out of stock, which ever comes first.

Once again thanks for your business and have a safe week.



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