January 18, 2018

Training Beyond the CHL Class

About 95% of my customers are CHL holders. Those that aren’t often ask for CHL instructor recommendations. I have two that I normally recommend.and I think it is important when choosing an instructor to ensure they are knowledgeable. This goes way beyond just passing the DPS instructor qualifications and in my opinion the most knowledgeable in the Houston area happens to also be an attorney.
The reason I recommend the attorney the most is due to the fact that he has a working knowledge of the legal system as it applies to self defense. Many people do not even consider the possibility of breaking the law and losing their CHL or even possibly even going to prison. Yes, we have all heard of people who made mistakes due to not knowing the Texas self defense laws. Many of us tend to think it will not happen to us.
Carrying a firearm for self defense is not only our right, it is a great responsibility. My opinion is that the CHL holder needs to think through possible situations ahead of time. It’s too late when you are faced with a threat and a split second decision needs to be made to stop and think about what you can do legally. A responsible CHL holder will spend time and effort learning and thinking through scenarios. Use actual situations from the paper or news and decide what you would do….or not do.

As far as new inventory, I will be getting in a new Remington R1 1911 this week, if anyone is in the market for one give me a call. Feel free to use the Contact page on this site to contact us with your questions, or call us at (832) 693-2545.

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