January 18, 2018

Holster talk

Most people that have a CHL are bound to have the drawer full of holsters. You never see a shortage of manufacturers claiming they have the latest and greatest offering that will meet all your needs. I wish that were true. <p>

The fact is that there are more holsters made that do not work well than there are that work well (at least that is my experience). I have always used IWB holsters in the past. Just recently I have traded the IWB for OWB and other types of holsters. I like IWB but I am getting tired of wearing holes through my clothing from the handgun rubbing in the same spot. So far the IWB seems to work a bit better for me. <p>

Those of you who have seen the Magpul handgun videos will be familiar with the Raven Concealment Kydex holsters (they use these throughout the video). I ordered one of their OWB for my 1911 as well as a magazine pouch and a few months later it arrived in the mail. After wearing this holster for numerous hours I can honestly say this is the best holster I have used to date. I doubt if I will go back to IWB after wearing my Raven Concealment holster. So far it serves my holster need 98% of the time. It is made well, allows quick access to the holster, it retains its shape for easy re-holstering and is less abrasive on my 1911 than leather. <p>

1% of the time when I cannot carry my 1911 I use Blackhawk’s ankle holster. It is reasonably comfortable and when I use it for my Ruger LCP I can hardly tell it is there. The main problem with ankle holsters is not being able to carry while wearing shorts. Living in South Texas that can create problems, but the ankle holster definitely has its place.<p>

There are times when neither an ankle holster not IWB/OWB will work (like when wearing exercise clothing). When I need to carry while wearing exercise clothing I choose to wear the SmartCarry. It holds a smaller frame handgun well without being too uncomfortable. <p>

Speaking of comfort, when you first start using a holster expect to spend a couple of weeks getting used to it. It may poke and prod but that is the price you pay in order to be armed. We have all heard the phrase “it is supposed to be comforting not comfortable”. It will never be as comfortable as when you do notcarry, but the extra discomfort will be worth while the first time you need it.<p>

By the way, when you invest in a good holster make sure you invest in a good belt. Your average department store belt will not hold up to carrying a firearm so do not even try to go cheap on a belt. 5.11 and Wilderness tactical make good nylon carry belts.<p>

If you need some advice before dropping your hard earned money on a holster or belt, drop me an e-mail and I will let you know what has and has not worked for me.<p>

I was looking for a good bargain for this weeks featured sale item. I didn’t see anything that struck me so I thought I would offer some more Ruger discounts. I’ll offer any rifle (excluding the 10/22) for 1% over my cost. I’ll offer any other Ruger for 3% over cost. This offer is good until October 6th and is only good for in stock new firearms at one of my distributors for local pickup. Contact us for prices on shipping one of these items<p>

We have a few new items in stock this week. We have a Fenix TK12 245 lumen tactical light, an Insight M3 90 lumen tactical weapons light, Wilson Combat 9mm and 380 ACP selfe defense ammo as well as Hornady Critical Defense and Speer Gold Dot in most major calibers.<p.

Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

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