January 18, 2018

Get Them While You Can

As I have posted earlier, the firearms industry as a whole has been doing well and sales are at all time highs. Between our current administration and the ideas floating around of the world coming to an end, firearms are being purchased at record rates. The demand has been high for months now and demand has not decreased. Manufacturers are unable to keep up with demand hence the trouble people are having finding firearms. I just recently got back from a trip to Arizona and it doesn’t appear things are any better in other states as far as availability. BTW, in Arizona it is legal to open carry and handgun. I was hoping to run across someone doing that, but to my disappointment I did not run across anyone.<p>

I have over ten different distributors I can purchase from. This past week I was only able to find four AR’s (priced under $1000) in stock. Handguns like Glock’s and S&W M&P’s are difficult to find in abundance. Newer models like the Springfield XDS and S&W shield are even more elusive to dealers. Kel-Tec revealed the KSG shotgun about 15 months ago and has still not manufactured enough to meet even a small portion of demand.

This is good for the industry but bad for the consumer. The high demand and low availability usually results in much higher prices. I noticed a Glock that would normally sell for around $550 for sale on a gun forum for $1000. If you browse Gunbroker.com you can see what the Kel-Tec KSG’s are selling for.

Being a smaller dealer I have yet to even see a KSG, one of my sales reps at a distributor has not even seen one in stock yet. The good news is that with more and more buyers of firearms it should add more second amendment backers to the population. The more citizens we have that are pro second amendment, the better off we are.

Although I cannot offer up any of the high demand firearms, I will offer a small concealed carry gun this week. This special is for local buyers only, as the sale price of $317 out the door is good through the end of April 2012. I am offering the Taurus M85 polymer five shot revolver. It weighs a hair over 18 ounces unloaded and comes with Gallery of Guns lifetime warranty. It has a rubber grip and fiber optic front sight.

Have a great week and give us a call if there is anything we can help you with.

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