January 18, 2018

Firearms Safety

It’s something we have all heard preached since we were first around firearms. Most of us should know the rules of firearm safety, I will refrain from listing them here. I am amazed at times of the ignorance of people around firearms. I have had the opportunity the last couple of weeks to make it to the range four times. In addition to just having a good time shooting I am a volunteer Range Safety Officer at my local club.

Part of my duties are to ensure the members are being safe and for some reason I have run across an abundance of people lacking basic safety common sense. I have seen people getting in front of a live firing line on a rifle range to pick up brass, members not wearing eye protection, members fiddling with their firearms while the range is cold and people are down range and I even saw the result of not paying attention on the range.

I have been a volunteer RSO for the last 4-5 years and have never seen an accident happen on the range. That changed recently. I saw the aftermath of an unfortunate accident where a member hit his head on a metal and wood frame while going down range. The result ended up being sent off in Life Flight from the resulting head injury. It was an unfortunate incident that could have easily been prevented. Hopefully he recovered alright from his injuries this past week.

In the headlines this past week I read about a Navy S.E.A.L. who shot himself while off duty while showing someone a firearm. An 8th grade boy was killed recently by Police while pointing a BB gun at the Police. How many more senseless injuries do we need to heart about before we act? I mention all this in hopes that you will stop and think about the deadly consequences of both major and minor mistakes. Pull up the rules of firearm safety and review them. TEACH THEM TO YOUR CHILDREN, PLEASE. Make sure you ingrain in their minds the extreme importance of firearm safety. Save us all some heartaches by practicing firearms safety.

Now on to the weekly sales, I still have the two Magnum Research pistols and I still need to get rid of them. I’ll take $400 out the door for the Micro Eagle and $485 out the door for the 9mm Baby Eagle (look at my previous weeks posts to see the exact model numbers.

I also have a cheap 28 gauge shotgun up for sale. It’s and old Iver Johnson’s Arms and Cycle Works single shot 28 gauge shotgun. I’ll even throw in a dozen or so rounds of bird shot – all for $75.
Be careful, watch and be aware of your surroundings and utilize your right to keep and bear arms.

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