January 18, 2018

Firearms Frenzy

It has been a while since I posted, things have been quite busy since the middle of December. Not only did we have the Christmas season and increase in sales due to presents, we had the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook that made things even worse.<p>

Who would have thought a couple months ago that 22LR ammo would be hard to find? I think most people imagined AR15’s and .223/5.56 ammo, but not 22LR. Even Glock’s were hard to find and selling for much more than normal. I am surprised at what people are willing to pay when they think they will never be able to find something again. The panic sets it and causes buyers to be irrational. I saw one auction on Gunbroker where 100 PMags sold for $7500. <p>

Although there were rumors about gun control the real cause of the problem was the consumer. There were two groups of people buying, those that intended to sell for a profit and those that were buying out of fear. Fear that they would never be able to buy an AR15, ammo, high capacity magazines and a host of other items. <p>

I think in a few months there will be some buyers remorse, but then again some people were willing to pay more just in case they would never be able to buy again. One thing we all should have learned from this was how important it is to make sure we elect the right people that will protect out rights. <p>

I have a couple of firearms in stock but I expect them to go quick so e-mail if you are interested. I have a NIB Glock 27, gen 4 and a NIB Kahr CW45. I also have a couple of used H&R 20 gauge single shot shotguns and an old H&R single/double action revolver with both 22LR and 22WMR cylinders. I still am unable to get AR’s, Glock’s, ammo, magazines and just about everything else that is hard to find now. Give it some time, it will all get back to normal.<p>

On another note, I still wonder why people place themselves in situations where there is a great potential to be harmed. I have never been a fan of Galveston, it is too run down and there are too many undesirables for my liking. I especially do not care to go there when there are large groups of people that are drinking. Hopefully I can attach a link to some video of what really goes on there that the media does not report. If you frequent events like this I would advise you to reconsider due to the numerous situations that could potentially happen – I will let the video speak for itself. Be careful, always look for threats and be aware of your surroundings. Your best defense is not placing yourself in places that are potentially dangerous.<p>

Galveston Mardi Gras


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