January 18, 2018

Firearms are getting harder to find…..

In case you never heard, Ruger released a statement this past week announcing that they have received orders for over  a million firearms already in 2012. They are suspending taking any orders until they can meet the production demands.<p>

This is indicative of the entire firearms industry now, firearms seem to be getting harder to find as firearm sales continue to rise. The firearm consumer can expect a more difficult time finding the firearm they want and things may get worse as the election gets closer. It is hard to imagine that there are more consumers wanting firearms and that the manufacturers cannot meet the demand, but that is the case right now. The bad part for the consumer is that when the firearms market tends to dry up firearms prices seem to increase. If there are firearms you have been wanting I would start looking now.<p>

I just posted an initial review of the new Armscor/Rock Island Armory TCM. It’s a dual caliber 1911 style pistol that offers 17 plus 1 of 9mm or 17 plus 1 of the new 22TCM. Click “links” then “video” to check out the review. Right now I have not fired the pistol but my initial impression is that I think this will make a good handgun for the 1911 guys. The 22TCM round looks impressive on paper but I think for it to really take off we need the major ammo manufacturers to start offering ammo for it. Right now as far as I know Armscor is the only maker of 22TCM ammo.<p>

I have a good special this week for anyone needing a good scope for your rimfire rifle. I am offering a Nikon 3-9×40 scope with BDC for $146 out the door. I know, what is the big deal about that? Nikon is offering a $50 rebate on this scope which results in you picking up a good rimfire scope with bullet drop compensation for under $100 after rebate. This offer is good while supplies last through the end of Nikon’s rebate period. You can check it out here:http://nikonpromo.com/

Thanks for checking out the blog, have a great week.

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