January 18, 2018

Firearms Accessories at Discounted Prices

The bulk of my sales are firearms but most customers miss out on the savings I can find for them on accessories. The firearms industry operates with low mark-up percentages on firearms. Due to internet sales of firearms and dealers like me who operate with low overhead results in only 6-8% mark-up on many firearms. Many of my customers come to me due to the low prices I can offer.

What many customers do not realize is that I can also purchase many of the other accessories they need with their firearms. I can order optics, clothing, camping gear, chronographs, cleaning supplies, ammunition, bags, magazines, safety glasses, hearing protection, knives and numerous other items at discounted pricing over normal retail prices. Do you need to stock up on your emergency food supplies? I can order prepackaged food that comes packaged for long term storage (up to 25 years). Do you need a Leupold or Zeiss scope for that new rifle? I can order it for you. I can also get you the mount and rings as well as mounting kits if you need them.

I can also special order firearms as needed. I have accounts set up with Alexander Arms, Rock Island Armory, STI, Volquartsen, DPMS and other manufacturers. Many times if I do not already have an account set up I can set one up in order to get you want you want.

The firearms industry has become extremely competitive and this results in better deals for the consumers. The next time you are looking to make a firearms purchase, let me know what accessories you will need with your firearm. I’ll do my best to find you the lowest possible price and help you get your gear set up the way you want it for the purpose you have in mind.

I would like to leave you with one tidbit this weekend. The elections this year may perhaps be the most important elections in years. The choices we make at the poles will have an impact on our children and their children. Please, research the candidates and head to the poles and vote. Do not make excuses for not going, we need your vote. The firearms privileges we now have could easily be removed with one presidential administration. In addition to taking the time to vote you should also join the NRA or renew your membership. A mere $25 helps to ensure we can keep the gun rights we now have as well as providing you with $2500 in firearms insurance. Take a few seconds and click on the NRA link to the left, it will be ten minutes of your life I am sure you will not regret.

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