January 18, 2018

Emergency Preparation – Food

The last couple of weeks I have run across a few different products at one of my distributors that I had no idea they carried. First I found that they carried the Tannerite, which ended up being a worthwhile product to use at the range. This week I found out they carry the Wise brand of ready made food.

Like a good portion of firearm owners, I try to be prepared for emergencies in case of a major natural disaster. Living on the gulf coast hurricanes are always a possibility. I learned from both hurricane Rita and Ike how people can react and how attitudes change when resources seem scarce. Now is the time to prepare for the emergencies, when the situation is at hand it is too late.

A couple of necessities are food and water. I have written in the past about the Berkey water filtration system and I think that is an ideal choice for water purification. The next big need is food. Wise has their brand of freeze dried meals that have a 25 year shelf life. I can now order several of their products – the 60 and 84 serving variety buckets, 120 serving entree, 120 serving breakfast, 120 serving fruit, 120 serving veggie buckets and the 60 serving meat bucket. Starting at $83 (out the door price), you can have a piece of mind knowing you have one of the basic needs taken care of when an emergency hits. Give us a call and let us help you get prepared for whatever emergency you may run across.

You can check out their web site here: http://wisefoodstorage.com/gourmet-emergency-grab-and-go-food-kits.html
I have one special this week that I wanted to list. I have been doing some target shooting the past couple of weeks and I ran across a good deal on a good rifle. It’s a Remington 700 SPS Varmint rifle with a synthetic stock in 308 caliber. It has a 26″ barrel with a 4 plus one capacity. It’s a heavy contour 26″ barrel that should make a nice target or varmint rifle. Heck, while you are getting your food and water needs taken care of pick up a good rifle. At $610 out the door, the price makes it an even better deal. In addition, Remington is offering a $50 rebate leaving the total price at $560. That leaves plenty of room left to pick up a decent scope and stay under a grand for the combo. This offer is only good through March 10th or while supplies last.

You can check out the rifle specs at Remington’s web site: http://www.remington.com/products/firearms/centerfire/model-700/model-700-sps-varmint.aspx

Thanks for checking out the blog, be safe and have a great week.

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