January 18, 2018

Defense of Property

I was reading on an internet forum about an individual who ended up firing his handgun at someone who he caught breaking into his car. I started thinking again after reading his description of the incident what I would have done given the same circumstances.

This is yet another reason why I suggest CHL holders think through scenarios prior to actually being in them. Take the time to read actual incidents and how people reacted. Put yourself in that spot taking into account as many details as you can gather and decide what you would or would not do in a similar situation.

After asking yourself what you would have done then go and verify with your state laws whether that would or would not have been legal. Our first instinct is to stay alive but after that it is also important that we get out of a situation with our lives as well as our freedom. As I have stated before, carrying a handgun for self defense is a lifelong process of learning. Make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to learn to become more adept at when you will or will not use your handgun in self defense.

This week I’m going to offer up somewhat of a specialty handgun. Those familiar with Glock will recognize the G24 model as their long slide version in .40 S&W similar to the 17L offered in 9mm. These haven’t been available for a while and I’m going to offer these this week for $680 out the door while supplies last. As of now there are a few dozen available. When dealers realize these are in stock they will go fast so e-mail asap if you want one.

Glock 24

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