January 18, 2018

Cyber Monday Deals

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday weekend. I’ve been getting numerous e-mails since last week about all the sales. Well, not to leave my customers feeling left out, I thought I would offer up some cyber Monday deals for a couple of guns I have in stock and ready to sell.

My first deal is for a NIB Magnum Research Micro Desert Eagle in 380 ACP.
Micro Desert Eagle
As you can see, this is the all nickel version and it comes with one six round magazine. I have this gun in stock and ready to sell, but I will only offer one gun at this price. I will let it go for my dealer cost – $415 out the door for local buyers. You cannot beat that price even if you buy online and avoid sales tax. This price is good until 12/02/2011.

Next up I have a like new in box Ruger LCP. This was my personal backup gun that I am putting up for sale. It comes with two magazines and all the original accessories. I have also highlighted the front sight with white paint to make lining up the sights a bit easier. I will also throw in two magazines of Hornady Critical Defense so once you pick this up you will be ready to carry. I have already fired both jacketed and self defense ammo through this to ensure it functions properly and it looks new. I will sell the entire package for $300 out the door for local buyers.

Once again, thanks for your business and be careful now that we are in the holiday shopping season. There are plenty of thugs out there ready to take advantage of unsuspecting shoppers who are not aware of their surroundings. Check back in with us, we will continue to run sales through Christmas. If you have firearms on your Christmas shopping list we will be glad to try and help you locate them. Have a good ans safe week.

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