January 18, 2018

Concealed Carry

I frequently read comments on different gun forums on how people do not carry their handguns concealed due to comfort. Clint Smith stated that your carry gun should be comforting, not comfortable. A CHL holder cannot have the mindset of carrying being perfectly comfortable.

The first thing to consider when starting to carry is that it will take some time getting used to how it feels. Whether you use IWB or OWB holsters it will not be comfortable. It is going to take some time to get used to. You can start little by little and get used to the feel and eventually you will not notice the discomfort. When I first started carrying two spare magazines for my 1911 it was uncomfortable. It left my side bruised after the first day. But, within a few days it started feeling normal and now I cannot even notice it is there. When I started using IWB holsters it was no comfortable feeling the holster poking and prodding my skin. But, I did get used to it and now it is as normal as wearing a belt.

The second thing to consider is that you will have to dress around your carry. You may need to wear your shirts un-tucked in order to conceal better. I like to let mine drape down enough to cover the bottom of the holster. When the shirt is loose and draping it appears normal and it will be harder to see your firearm under your clothing. You will definitely need to wear a gun belt to properly secure the holster and magazine pouch. Make sure you tailor your choice of clothing around the type of holster you wear. There is a price to pay for the security of concealed carry and that will affect your choice of wardrobe.

The third thing to consider is you will need quality products. Do not expect to pay $20 for a holster and it work well. Do some research and pick quality products that will fit the way you intend to carry. I have been carrying concealed for around 13 years. I have just recently found a holster that I feel is he best I have ever used. At a minimum you will need to pkan on purchasing a good holster and a good carry belt. Do not even try to use your retail store bought leather imitation belt to secure your holster. Expect to spend from $25 on up for a good belt designed for wearing a holster. I found my 5.11 belt on sale for $25, but I have also paid $45 for a Wilderness Survival belt. Trust me, having a good belt designed for carry will make things easier. Any good holster I have owned has cost at least $75 new. I have found a used holsters though and have purchased a $100 holster and magazine pouch for $25 and a box of ammo. So, look for deals on the gun boards, you may get lucky and get a good deal for quality products.

The fourth thing to consider is that you will have to practice drawing from your carry position. Once you have your carry “set up” purchased and are used to wearing it make sure you practice drawing your firearm. Remember the gun safety rules and make sure it is empty before your practice sessions, but make sure you do practice. You need to know what might complicate drawing your weapon.

Lastly, make sure you have your carry gun with you as much as possible. Resist the urge to make that quick errand without wearing your firearm. Get into the habit of always carrying. You acquired your CHL for a reason, make sure you are always prepared by having it with you. As you build up your budget consider purchasing at least two carry guns. Sometimes it is easier or even necessary to have a small carry gun, like a Ruger LCP, Kel-Tec PF9, Kahr CM9 etc. Those times when you cannot dress to conceal a larger gun, or when you need to grab a carry gun quickly you can pick up your secondary gun. It only takes a couple seconds to grab an LCP, place it into a pocket holster and head out the door armed and ready.

Speaking of concealed carry and a small secondary gun, this week I’ll offer up a good option for you. Kahr makes several great carry guns that are small and have nice and smooth double action triggers. Their newest addition is the CM9 and I’ll offer it up for $435 out the door to local customers while dealer supplies last. Once again this special is from Davidson’s/Gallery of Guns so you get an additional lifetime warranty from Davidson’s with your purchase. This offer is good through November 5th only for those mentioning they saw the special on the blog. Have a safe week and make sure you are carrying and ready when the unexpected happens.

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