January 18, 2018

Concealed Carry Clothing

Purchasing everything required to properly carry concealed can be an expensive undertaking. By the time you purchase your firearm, which is an expensive undertaking in itself, you still need to purchase ammo, a holster, a gun belt and clothing. My guess is that the last item is the most forgotten, but the proper clothing is just as important as the other items. It all boils down to being comfortable while carrying. The more comfortable you are the more likely you will have your firearm with you when you need it.

Honestly when I first started carrying concealed it was not comfortable. I tried going the cheap route and it did not help matters. Even when you purchase the best, there may be times when you have to just suck it up and get used to how it feels.

Once you are past that point good clothing makes the difference. The main problem I have had with clothing is wearing holes through my shirt. Since I carry every day the butt of my pistol tends to rub holes in my shirts. I have several shirts this has happened to so far and I have been looking for a solution. In the next few weeks I will be trying out some shirts specifically designed for carrying concealed and I will let you know how they work.

I tend to wear a lot of cargo shorts, they usually work well in teh Texas climate and also provide plenty of storage. There are pants made for concealed carry but in my opinion they are too expensive for 99% of CHL holders to use. I found one brand that advertised they were 100% American made. The contact number was a Houston are prefix so I thought I would check them out and maybe support a local business by buying some. When I got to their website I was shocked at the price – around $150 a pair. They look nice but I do not think they are $150 a pair nice. I appreciate being American made, but if you cannot lower the price then I do not see how the majority of CHL holders will be able to use these. $150 a pair is a bit excessive in my opinion. Now, a high end holster may cost that much but it will more than likely last the life of your carry gun.

As for my special this week, I have a NIB Sig P290 with holster and laser. This would make a great carry gun and it will sell for $550 plus tax. That is $50 less than you can find it at the online shops, I got a good deal on this one so I am passing it on to one of my customers. Be safe, have a great week and remember to always have your firearm with you (it does no good for it to be at home when you are at your local store being robbed).

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