January 18, 2018

Cell Phone Case

I know, it’s not exactly gun related but I wanted to share it anyway. More than likely most people that own firearms also own a smartphone. Those that do own one also need a good case to protect their phone from shock and moisture. When I was looking for a new case to protect my smartphone, I ended up giving Otterbox a try.

I’ve never used anything made by Otterbox but the reviews online seemed pretty good so I ordered one of the Defender cases so I would get maximum protection. After using it for a few months I can tell you I have been pleased with its performance – well, at least up until last week anyway.

The Defender case comes with an outer shell with a belt clip. I use the clip most of the time since it is easy to clip my phone to my pocket. Overall it is a rugged case and protects the phone well. This is my first phone that has not been damaged by dropping (I have dropped it but the Otterbox case has protected it well). Last week I dropped just the outer shell on the floor and the clip hinge broke. I was kind of disappointed since the case was empty and I didn’t think it should have broken that easily.

Rather than just buying a new case I decided to e-mail Otterbox. To my amazement, I had three different Otterbox employees e-mail me trying to get a replacement to me. There were no questions asked, thy just shipped out a replacement for the one that broke. Needless to say with that kind of customer service and warranty I will use Otterbox exclusively for all future phone cases. It’s rare to find a company that will respond quickly plus back up their products. My advice to those in the market for a good case to check out what has to offer, I do not think you will be disappointed.

This week I wasn’t sure what to offer up for a firearm special so I decided to let you choose. I will offer any firearm currently in stock at one of my distributors for 3% over cost to local buyers. This sale is good through November 18th, 2011 to customers that mention this special before ordering.

Thanks for your business and be careful.

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