January 18, 2018

Beretta Nano

There were some great new firearms unveiled at the SHOT show this week, including the Springfield XDS, the AAC Honey Badger and Kimber Micro CDP to name a few. Hopefully they are ready to ramp up production so the demand can be met (although I doubt it). I really dislike when a manufacturer reveals a new firearm and yet is unable to produce enough to meet demand. All it ends up doing is driving up the market price. I would suggest you take a few minutes and browse through some of the SHOT show blogs and see the new firearms that were introduced.

I wrote a while back about the new Beretta Nano and after a while of waiting to see them in stock I grabbed one this morning and ordered it. I am anxious to get my hands on one to see what it looks and feels like first hand. If anyone is interested in purchasing it, it will sell for $420 out the door and it will be available Tuesday.

I have a new shipment of targets in. I was tired of shooting the old B27 silhouette targets so I located some with images of people printed on them. I think it is extremely important to train with scenarios that are as close to realistic as possible. Somehow putting rounds into a silhouette just doesn’t cut it for me so I stepped up to targets with pictures of people. It is a bit different shooting at the image of a person versus an outline. I have seven different targets available including hostage targets. They will sell for .50 each and as far as I know there is nowhere local to purchase these. Another thing that makes these worth the .50 is the fact that they are printed on card stock instead of the real thin, see through paper that targets are normally printed on. So, next time you stop by be sure to grab a few for practice.

Have a great week and give us a call if you need anything.

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