January 18, 2018

New Gun Cleaning Products by Paul Clean USA

If you have seen any of my video reviews posted on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu1JXzf5U_0&feature=c4-overview&list=UU1LLjjwgV9OhFvtoK3FBlnw) you know that I frequently try new cleaning products. Recently I tried out some new patches and jags made by Paul Clean. They have an innovative new patch that comes on a roll and is in the shape of a cross. In the past I have used the basic square cotton patches but they often need trimmed to suit the caliber I am cleaning. Due to the design of Paul Clean the patches are one size fits all and they do not get stuck. Admit it, you have gotten a patch stuck in your barrel and it is a pain to get out. Not so with the Paul Clean Rollpatch. You just peel off a patch, add solvent if needed and run it down the barrel. They work great and do not get stuck.
I just placed my first order for Rollpatch and jags. FYI they offer a Rollpatch for 12 gauge shotguns and I will have those too. If you are interested, check out my short video to see how they work and send me and e-mail for pricing.
I still have the 1903A3 for sale ($50) and in addition I have a NIB Ruger SR1911 Commander length pistol for $680 out the door to local buyers. Send me an e-mail or give me a call if you are interested and thanks for checking out the blog.

Holiday Season

The year seems to have passed quickly, it’s downhill from here. If you plan on buying firearms for the holidays it is best to purchase as early as possible to ensure they will arrive on time. UPS and FedEx will be working extra hours and regular shipping times will be a little erratic until after Christmas. Long guns should be purchased by December 16th to ensure they arrive before Christmas, handguns ship next day so as long as they are ordered by the 19th they should arrive on time.

Black Friday is past us now and my guess is that firearm sales were pretty heavy again this year. In the next few weeks the NSSF should be putting out the numbers of NICS checks to give an idea of how many sales there were. I am guessing less than last year since NICS was available via phone and web for background checks (last year the phone and web were down throughout the day and I did not see that this year).

Firearm inventories are getting better and ammo is a bit easier to find now (although 22 LR is still elusive). AR components are coming way down in price, now is a good time to buy if you are planning on building an AR.

Enjoy the holidays, thank you for your business and if there is anything we can do to help you let us know.

P.S. I have an old 1903A3 made by National Ordnance I am looking to move for $60. I also have some new AR15 bolt carrier groups for $80 each.

Ruger Specials

I am currently running my yearly special on Ruger firearms for local customers. This month I am offering any Ruger available to me at one of my distributors for 2% over my cost.This pricing is limited to Ruger firearms sold to walk in customers only (no shipping) and the firearm delivery must be on or before October 31st 2013. All federal and state firearm laws apply and I am not responsible for delivery delays due to shipping or NICS background checks. E-mail for details and restrictions.



I reserve the right to end this special at any time. I have no control over availability of Ruger firearms and this offer is only good on firearms available for me to purchase at my distributors during the sale period. Firearms must be delivered by October 31st and buyers must comply with all Federal and State firearms regulations.

Firearms Frenzy

It has been a while since I posted, things have been quite busy since the middle of December. Not only did we have the Christmas season and increase in sales due to presents, we had the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook that made things even worse.<p>

Who would have thought a couple months ago that 22LR ammo would be hard to find? I think most people imagined AR15’s and .223/5.56 ammo, but not 22LR. Even Glock’s were hard to find and selling for much more than normal. I am surprised at what people are willing to pay when they think they will never be able to find something again. The panic sets it and causes buyers to be irrational. I saw one auction on Gunbroker where 100 PMags sold for $7500. <p>

Although there were rumors about gun control the real cause of the problem was the consumer. There were two groups of people buying, those that intended to sell for a profit and those that were buying out of fear. Fear that they would never be able to buy an AR15, ammo, high capacity magazines and a host of other items. <p>

I think in a few months there will be some buyers remorse, but then again some people were willing to pay more just in case they would never be able to buy again. One thing we all should have learned from this was how important it is to make sure we elect the right people that will protect out rights. <p>

I have a couple of firearms in stock but I expect them to go quick so e-mail if you are interested. I have a NIB Glock 27, gen 4 and a NIB Kahr CW45. I also have a couple of used H&R 20 gauge single shot shotguns and an old H&R single/double action revolver with both 22LR and 22WMR cylinders. I still am unable to get AR’s, Glock’s, ammo, magazines and just about everything else that is hard to find now. Give it some time, it will all get back to normal.<p>

On another note, I still wonder why people place themselves in situations where there is a great potential to be harmed. I have never been a fan of Galveston, it is too run down and there are too many undesirables for my liking. I especially do not care to go there when there are large groups of people that are drinking. Hopefully I can attach a link to some video of what really goes on there that the media does not report. If you frequent events like this I would advise you to reconsider due to the numerous situations that could potentially happen – I will let the video speak for itself. Be careful, always look for threats and be aware of your surroundings. Your best defense is not placing yourself in places that are potentially dangerous.<p>

Galveston Mardi Gras


As We Near The Holiday Season

It is already the end of year, the Holidays are quickly approaching and we have another four years of our current presidential administration. Who knows what the next four years will yield for gun enthusiasts, but I can assure you that both firearms and ammo pricing will be going up. There has been a universal increase in sales across the industry. Many are worried that the administration will be banning, regulating or somehow removing our rights. This always drives up prices within the industry.

I am guessing that NFA weapons will be the next target. I would suggest that if you have a desire to own any now is the time to start the paperwork to get your tax stamp. I can see the tax stamp being raised from $200 to am amount that most people will not want to pay. Justification would be easy since the $200 tax stamp has never been increased since it was instituted in the 30’s. $200 was a lot of money then, how would a $2000 tax stamp affect NFA (National Firearms Act) sales?

I am not a class three (i.e. NFA) dealer so I cannot get these items for you, but there are several places in Houston that can. If you have been on the fence about getting a suppressor, short barreled rifle etc. now is the time to buy.
I still have a couple used shotguns for sale and I am willing to deal. You can either make me a cash offer or trade offer, I may just take it since I am ready to get these out of my safe. I have a Browning BPS Camo shotgun in 12 gauge, a Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun in 12 gauge (currently listed on Gunbroker with no reserve) and a Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge.

This week I just got in a great concealed carry handgun. It is the S&W M&P compact in .357 Sig. Apparently S&W will no longer be making the M&P in .357 Sig so I got a great deal on these. In order to mark these down they were listed as “used” at the distributor, although the distributor claims they are new and have full S&W warranty (they look brand new).¬†The .357 is actually a great self defense caliber although it can be expensive to shoot. I have a solution for you though, a .40 S&W barrel will fit in place of the .357 and now you have a multi caliber handgun. The M&P compact will sell for $399 plus tax, the original S&W MSRP on this pistol was $727. For another $80 I will throw in a new .40 S&W barrel. I was only able to get a couple of these so if you are interested let me know asap and I can get you more info.

Please make sure you are watching your surroundings as we enter the holiday season. There are plenty of people looking for victims and a free ride and they will gladly alleviate you of your hard earned money. Be aware at all times, watch for the suspicious people and avoid them. Enjoy the season and thanks for reading.

Crazy Gun Nuts – There is Always One in the Crowd

You have probably seen it too, you are out at the range, your local gun shop, work etc. when you hear the wildest stories involving firearms. Most of the time I have to refrain myself from telling Mr. storyteller that he is flat out wrong. The stories go beyond being amusing and the most disgusting part is some people new to firearms may actually believe the stories.

I was at my local range yesterday and I was looking at the “for sale” board. Another member came up and asked if there was anything good and I said yes, there was a LNIB Ruger LCP for $200. He then proceeded to tell me how the LCP was junk and how it was extremely inaccurate. That is funny since I have owned two and I can easily hit center of mass at 50 feet with the LCP. This particular guy was a revolver fan so I guess he needed to down play semi-autos. After telling me how bad the LCP was he then proceeded to show me his gun collection – in his trunk. It was strange since he had a variety of firearms just laying in his trunk – no cases or protection of any kind. He even mentioned that the AR in his trunk could shoot 1/4 moa. I think if I had an AR that shot that well I would at least invest in a soft case. Needless to say, I took everything he told me with a grain of salt.

I tell this story to remind people that you should take everything you hear about firearms with a grain of salt. Do your research but do not fall into the trap of believing the first person you talk with. I try to make all my reviews on Youtube as subjective as possible. I have to pay for everything I buy and review so you do not have to worry about me being influenced.

This week I have a couple used shotguns for sale. I have a Browning BPS 12 gauge in camo that has a nice sling and fiber optic sights for $325. I also have a Mossberg 500a self defense type shotgun for $250. If you are looking for a handgun, I have a S&W M&P compact, TALO edition, in 9mm for $510 out the door. I just got in a Ruger LCR .38 special also. It is brand new and it is selling for $450 out the door.

Make sure you vote this week, our gun rights will be greatly influenced by this election. Be safe and be ready and thanks for reading the blog.

Another Good Reason to Always be Armed

Concealed carry and always being ready for the unexpected has become a way of life for me. I pray that I will never have to experience a life and death decision where I would have to use a firearm in self defense, but I prepare for it just in case.

As if we need another reason in our world today to be prepared, I was recently reading an article by Lt. Col. Grossman on “The Perfect Day”. I am not going to summarize what he said, you can go to the link and read it yourself. But, I wanted to remind everyone to be aware at all times. More importantly, I want you to always be armed and ready to defend yourself.

In the next couple of weeks I will be done cleaning and field testing a few used shotguns I purchased. If you need a self defense or hunting shotgun let me know. I have an Remington 870, Mossberg 500 (self defense model), Browning BPS camo and Benelli Nova – all in 12 gauge. I will be duracoating the Remington and Mossberg, but the Benelli and Browning will be sold as is.

I will also be posting video reviews on an EOTech, ultrasonic cleaner and possibly on the Duracoat process. My is limited, but I like to post a review at least once a month. It allows you to see some new firearms products and allows me time to test them out.

That is all for this week, read the attached article and always be ready. May God bless you and our country – the greatest nation on this earth!

More of “Caliber Choice for Self Defense”

There seems to be a lot of talk lately about shootings and what to do if we are caught in the middle of one. I am of the mindset that every person who carries a firearm for self defense needs to know before hand what they will do. I realize that you cannot possibly think through every scenario, but you can “rehearse” what your plan is when faced with the most common situations. I have advocated before that you should use the scenarios you read about in the news to decide what you would have done. When you are faced with a real life situation that requires an instantaneous decision, that is not the time to figure out what is and is not legal.

I tell customers that are looking for a local CHL instructor to go to Charles Cotton, a local CHL instructor who happens to be an attorney, on the NRA board and has extensive background with the legal aspect of self defense shootings. Why go to an instructor that has only completed the Texas DPS Instructor Course (and only knows as much about the law as he learned during his 5 days of training) when you can be taught by an attorney? My point of recommending Mr. Cotton is that the most important aspect of having a CHL is knowing what is and is not legal. You need to know that before you are ever going to carry a handgun.

Back to my original idea I am trying to convey. I have mentioned this before and have given proof of my statement, shot placement is the most important aspect of stopping the threat. People will argue for years about what caliber is best, yet whether you are shot by a 45 ACP or 380 ACP, if the projectile does not hit a vital area the threat will not be stopped. There have been advancements in ammunition over the last few years and we are now privy to great self defense ammo. Sure there is not the same “force” behind a 380 as compared to 45 ACP, but if I hit you in your heart with a 380, you are not going to care that it was not a 45 (and you will go down, I promise).

I ran across a video this week that demonstrates my point on caliber. It is not the best video, but it is a doctor giving a presentation on gunshot wounds. Not everything he states from a firearms perspective is true, but the info is interesting and backs up my statements on caliber choice and shot placement. By the way, I will warn you, if you are squeamish you will not want to see this video, there are some gruesome images in it.

Some points for you to be looking for, my claim about hitting a vital area is backed up at 11:37 in the video. At 13 minutes you can see exactly where you need to aim to hit a vital area. The myth about “knock down power” is addressed at 14 minutes. For those of you that think .40 S&W is the ideal round, check out the x-ray at 17 minutes. Not to leave out the .357 magnum fans, there is actual footage of a man shot by a .357 at 22:30.

Overall it was worthwhile watching the video to get the perspective of an ER doctor. One item worth noting, I have also stated before that when given a choice always use a rifle when trying to stop a threat. He gives some info in the video to back this idea up also. Take this info and put it into practice, it may save your life or someone else’s life some day. As a CHL holder I pray that I am never in a situation where I have to use a firearm against another human being. But, if that situation ever arises, I want to be able to stop the threat before it takes my life or another innocent person’s life. Be safe, be prepared and have a good week.

An Increase in Firearm Sales

Sales have picked up recently after the theater shooting in Colorado and all the talk of banning magazines, “assault weapons” etc. I wonder when the anti-gunners are ever going to learn that banning weapons will not help? There are no examples where it has worked so far so there is no reason to believe it will work in the future.

This past week I was looking over the details of the “North Hollywood Shootout” in 1997. Guess what? The rifles and magazines they used were illegal in California. It amazes me that people think that if they outlaw firearms and accessories it will stop crime. There are numerous examples of how this logic is flawed yet they still pursue this nonsense. Those of us that are pro-gun realize the futility of banning firearms and accessories to stop crime.

On another note, there is a good video that you should view and pass on to your friends and family. Every CHL holder and gun owner should think through scenarios like the Colorado massacre and think about what you would do. Whether you hide, run or fight, knowing ahead and planning ahead will help in whatever you decide to do. Burying your head in the sand will not work, the threat is real and it is a threat we will have to live with from now on. The threat we face from both criminal and enemies abroad will continue to pervade our lives. This video is actually informative and worthwhile reading for both those carrying firearms and those that do not. Please pass this on to friends and family.

I have a couple of firearms up for sale this week. The first one is a Sig P290 with factory night sights and laser. It is NIB and I need to sell it so I will let it go for $530 out the door (FYI it is selling online for $600). This is a smoking deal on a quality handgun. I also have in stock one of the Taurus 738 TCP handguns. These are 380 ACP and come with only one magazine, but it sells for $220 out the door. I have yet to find a smaller, better self defense handgun for this price. If you are looking for a Colt 1911 I have in a NIB Series 70 blue version. The Colt’s are pretty hard to find and this one will sell for $1130 out the door and comes with Gallery of Guns lifetime replacement warranty.

My Ruger sale is continuing and I am starting a Taurus sale through the end of month. From now until the end of August any new Taurus firearm that is picked up by August 31st will sell for 2% over cost. This only applies to firearms in stock at my distributors and for those firearms picked up by August 31st.

Have a good week and spend some time going through scenarios. Determine what you will do ahead of time and be ready in case you ever need to act. Be safe

Concealed Carry Clothing

Purchasing everything required to properly carry concealed can be an expensive undertaking. By the time you purchase your firearm, which is an expensive undertaking in itself, you still need to purchase ammo, a holster, a gun belt and clothing. My guess is that the last item is the most forgotten, but the proper clothing is just as important as the other items. It all boils down to being comfortable while carrying. The more comfortable you are the more likely you will have your firearm with you when you need it.

Honestly when I first started carrying concealed it was not comfortable. I tried going the cheap route and it did not help matters. Even when you purchase the best, there may be times when you have to just suck it up and get used to how it feels.

Once you are past that point good clothing makes the difference. The main problem I have had with clothing is wearing holes through my shirt. Since I carry every day the butt of my pistol tends to rub holes in my shirts. I have several shirts this has happened to so far and I have been looking for a solution. In the next few weeks I will be trying out some shirts specifically designed for carrying concealed and I will let you know how they work.

I tend to wear a lot of cargo shorts, they usually work well in teh Texas climate and also provide plenty of storage. There are pants made for concealed carry but in my opinion they are too expensive for 99% of CHL holders to use. I found one brand that advertised they were 100% American made. The contact number was a Houston are prefix so I thought I would check them out and maybe support a local business by buying some. When I got to their website I was shocked at the price – around $150 a pair. They look nice but I do not think they are $150 a pair nice. I appreciate being American made, but if you cannot lower the price then I do not see how the majority of CHL holders will be able to use these. $150 a pair is a bit excessive in my opinion. Now, a high end holster may cost that much but it will more than likely last the life of your carry gun.

As for my special this week, I have a NIB Sig P290 with holster and laser. This would make a great carry gun and it will sell for $550 plus tax. That is $50 less than you can find it at the online shops, I got a good deal on this one so I am passing it on to one of my customers. Be safe, have a great week and remember to always have your firearm with you (it does no good for it to be at home when you are at your local store being robbed).