January 18, 2018

As We Near The Holiday Season

It is already the end of year, the Holidays are quickly approaching and we have another four years of our current presidential administration. Who knows what the next four years will yield for gun enthusiasts, but I can assure you that both firearms and ammo pricing will be going up. There has been a universal increase in sales across the industry. Many are worried that the administration will be banning, regulating or somehow removing our rights. This always drives up prices within the industry.

I am guessing that NFA weapons will be the next target. I would suggest that if you have a desire to own any now is the time to start the paperwork to get your tax stamp. I can see the tax stamp being raised from $200 to am amount that most people will not want to pay. Justification would be easy since the $200 tax stamp has never been increased since it was instituted in the 30’s. $200 was a lot of money then, how would a $2000 tax stamp affect NFA (National Firearms Act) sales?

I am not a class three (i.e. NFA) dealer so I cannot get these items for you, but there are several places in Houston that can. If you have been on the fence about getting a suppressor, short barreled rifle etc. now is the time to buy.
I still have a couple used shotguns for sale and I am willing to deal. You can either make me a cash offer or trade offer, I may just take it since I am ready to get these out of my safe. I have a Browning BPS Camo shotgun in 12 gauge, a Mossberg 500 home defense shotgun in 12 gauge (currently listed on Gunbroker with no reserve) and a Remington Wingmaster 12 gauge.

This week I just got in a great concealed carry handgun. It is the S&W M&P compact in .357 Sig. Apparently S&W will no longer be making the M&P in .357 Sig so I got a great deal on these. In order to mark these down they were listed as “used” at the distributor, although the distributor claims they are new and have full S&W warranty (they look brand new).¬†The .357 is actually a great self defense caliber although it can be expensive to shoot. I have a solution for you though, a .40 S&W barrel will fit in place of the .357 and now you have a multi caliber handgun. The M&P compact will sell for $399 plus tax, the original S&W MSRP on this pistol was $727. For another $80 I will throw in a new .40 S&W barrel. I was only able to get a couple of these so if you are interested let me know asap and I can get you more info.

Please make sure you are watching your surroundings as we enter the holiday season. There are plenty of people looking for victims and a free ride and they will gladly alleviate you of your hard earned money. Be aware at all times, watch for the suspicious people and avoid them. Enjoy the season and thanks for reading.

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