January 18, 2018

Another Good Reason to Always be Armed

Concealed carry and always being ready for the unexpected has become a way of life for me. I pray that I will never have to experience a life and death decision where I would have to use a firearm in self defense, but I prepare for it just in case.

As if we need another reason in our world today to be prepared, I was recently reading an article by Lt. Col. Grossman on “The Perfect Day”. I am not going to summarize what he said, you can go to the link and read it yourself. But, I wanted to remind everyone to be aware at all times. More importantly, I want you to always be armed and ready to defend yourself.

In the next couple of weeks I will be done cleaning and field testing a few used shotguns I purchased. If you need a self defense or hunting shotgun let me know. I have an Remington 870, Mossberg 500 (self defense model), Browning BPS camo and Benelli Nova – all in 12 gauge. I will be duracoating the Remington and Mossberg, but the Benelli and Browning will be sold as is.

I will also be posting video reviews on an EOTech, ultrasonic cleaner and possibly on the Duracoat process. My is limited, but I like to post a review at least once a month. It allows you to see some new firearms products and allows me time to test them out.

That is all for this week, read the attached article and always be ready. May God bless you and our country – the greatest nation on this earth!

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