January 18, 2018

An Often Forgotten Component of Home Safety

Most of us have researched firearms until we find the ideal one for our purpose. We have spent hours reading the pros and cons of the different calibers. We have purchased numerous holsters until we find the perfect one. We have tried numerous belts until we finally find the one that works best for us. But, one thing we often forget to consider will not cost us anything.

You can spend a few minutes of your time to do one thing that I guarantee will pay dividends toward safety in your home – talking with your neighbors. If you can ask your neighbors to keep an eye on your home, let them know when you will be gone and instruct them to call the Police when they see something suspicious, it may well be the easiest thing you can >
do to improve your chances of avoiding being a victim.

I found out first hand the importance of having neighbors that are looking out for me. I was running an errand this week and I got a call from my neighbor. He said he saw someone trying to open my locked gate to gain entry into my back yard. When the suspect saw my neighbor watching him try to gain entry, he took off in a car and left the neighborhood. Not only did my neighbor call the Police, he got in his vehicle and followed them so he could get the license plate and guide the Police to exactly where the car was. Due to my neighbor being alert to things that are not normal, the Police were able to pull the car over and question the occupants. As it turns out they were just teenagers at the wrong house -but it could have been worse.

The guy at my back gate could have jumped my fence and could have attempted to gain entry into my house. I have several security measures in place to prevent that, but it is nice to know that it did not have to go that far. Best of all, this cost me nothing. You just cannot beat a good neighbor that will watch out for you. I guarantee it will be one of the cheapest ways you can help to protect your home.

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