January 18, 2018

An Increase in Firearm Sales

Sales have picked up recently after the theater shooting in Colorado and all the talk of banning magazines, “assault weapons” etc. I wonder when the anti-gunners are ever going to learn that banning weapons will not help? There are no examples where it has worked so far so there is no reason to believe it will work in the future.

This past week I was looking over the details of the “North Hollywood Shootout” in 1997. Guess what? The rifles and magazines they used were illegal in California. It amazes me that people think that if they outlaw firearms and accessories it will stop crime. There are numerous examples of how this logic is flawed yet they still pursue this nonsense. Those of us that are pro-gun realize the futility of banning firearms and accessories to stop crime.

On another note, there is a good video that you should view and pass on to your friends and family. Every CHL holder and gun owner should think through scenarios like the Colorado massacre and think about what you would do. Whether you hide, run or fight, knowing ahead and planning ahead will help in whatever you decide to do. Burying your head in the sand will not work, the threat is real and it is a threat we will have to live with from now on. The threat we face from both criminal and enemies abroad will continue to pervade our lives. This video is actually informative and worthwhile reading for both those carrying firearms and those that do not. Please pass this on to friends and family.

I have a couple of firearms up for sale this week. The first one is a Sig P290 with factory night sights and laser. It is NIB and I need to sell it so I will let it go for $530 out the door (FYI it is selling online for $600). This is a smoking deal on a quality handgun. I also have in stock one of the Taurus 738 TCP handguns. These are 380 ACP and come with only one magazine, but it sells for $220 out the door. I have yet to find a smaller, better self defense handgun for this price. If you are looking for a Colt 1911 I have in a NIB Series 70 blue version. The Colt’s are pretty hard to find and this one will sell for $1130 out the door and comes with Gallery of Guns lifetime replacement warranty.

My Ruger sale is continuing and I am starting a Taurus sale through the end of month. From now until the end of August any new Taurus firearm that is picked up by August 31st will sell for 2% over cost. This only applies to firearms in stock at my distributors and for those firearms picked up by August 31st.

Have a good week and spend some time going through scenarios. Determine what you will do ahead of time and be ready in case you ever need to act. Be safe

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