February 17, 2018

Houston TX Gun Dealer – Modern Defensive Measures

As prior military, a Texas CHL holder and an NRA certified Range Safety Officer, I am aware of the love that many people share with me for firearms. After many years of enjoying the sport of shooting, I decided to become a firearms dealer to better service shooters and gun owners in the Houston area with quality firearms sales and service.

So what makes us different than all the other gun dealers in the Houston Texas area?  We’re not trying to make a quick buck, but are interested in providing customer service while gaining lifelong customers.  We love firearms just as much as you do and would like the opportunity to help you find the perfect gun that fits your needs. We have lower overhead and use that to offer the best prices possible. If you are active duty military or a law enforcement officer, we can offer additional discounts.

Whether you need a simple FFL transfer or are looking for the perfect self defense handgun, give us a call at (832) 693-2545. We’ll locate the firearm, ammo, or firearms accessories you are looking for!


Morgan Massie – owner
Modern Defensive Measures
Houston TX Gun Dealer
(832) 693-2545