January 18, 2018

Video Reviews

I’ve been pretty busy lately between my “full time” job and the firearms business. With the current demand for firearms I spend a lot of time trying to track down firearms for customers as well as time spent for customers picking up purchases. Unfortunately it does not allow me enough time to post enough firearm and related product reviews. This week I posted some short videos on a Liberty Mystic Suppressor and an I.O. Inc 380 ACP handgun. As always, everything I review I purchase myself. Unlike the publications and the large outfits, I do not get manufacturer samples to evaluate. This allows me to be unbiased and to look at products just as you would. As one poster on my Youtube channel stated, I post the good, bad and ugly of what I find. Whatever I see I let you know so you can be assured you get the actual performance.

I will be purchasing a Yukon night vision scope this week due to a recommendation of a customer. Most night vision products are rather pricey, but a regular customer of mine recommended the Yukon line of night vision products. They are first generation and the price reflects this. From what I gather so far, even though they are gen 1 they offer great performance for the price. There are a few models that run from a few hundred dollars for a night vision monocular to $500 plus for a night vision scope. I think the Yukon line falls right within the price range that the majority of buyers are willing to pay. Let’s face it, not many consumers are willing to shell out a few thousand dollars for a night vision scope (I know I am not willing to do that!). Most buyers in our area of South Texas are looking for something to hunt pigs and some nuisance animals. Once I get my Yukon scope I plan on setting up a coyote or pig hunt to try it out. Of course I will post a video on my Youtube channel to let you know how it worked.

Thinking about product reliability and warranty coverage I tend to recommend my customers buy firearms from Gallery of Guns. I do not make any more money using them, but they offer a lifetime warranty that allows me to get defective firearms replaced. It saves you, the buyer, from having to deal with sending your firearm to the manufacturer for repair under warranty. I can send back your firearm myself and have a replacement within 5 business days (about 2-3 for handguns). I know from experience that the manufacturer can take weeks to perform warranty work. As a matter of fact, right now I am waiting for a customers’ handgun to be repaired under warranty and it has been over a month waiting for warranty repair (it was not purchased from Gallery of Guns). If he would have purchased via Gallery of Guns I could have had a replacement within 2-3 business days. Check out my videos on Youtube for the latest product reviews. Give us a call if you need anything and we will see what we can find for you. Thanks for your business and for taking the time to read the blog.

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