January 18, 2018

.243 Winchester is too small to hunt with…..

I have a couple of used rifles up for sale and I was talking with someone this week about them. Both that I have for sale are chambered in .243 Winchester, a Browning BLR and a Ruger M77. A conversation I had this week resulted in somebody saying that the .243 Winchester is too small to hunt with. Everyone can have their opinion, but I say it depends on what you are hunting. I was pretty sure that .243 should be adequate for most animals in South Texas, but I had never really compared ballistics.

So, off I went to compare some ballistics. I decided to pick some of the common calibers that people I know use to hunt deer in South Texas. I happened to choose .243 Winchester, .270 Winchester, 25-06 Remington and 30-30 Winchester since I know people that regularly use these calibers. I am using Winchesters ballistics calculator with Winchester Ballistic Silvertip cartridge for each caliber. The majority of deer hunting in South Texas should average out to 100 yards or less so I’m using data right at 100 yards.

At 100 yards the 243 has about 1721 foot pounds of energy. At that same distance the 270 has 2307, the 25-06 has 1877 and the 30-30 has 1385. The 270 does have a bit more energy, but the 243 is more than adequate. I would still say it has enough power to use for most South Texas game. If you are hunting hogs you may want to choose another caliber, but for game like deer and coyotes it should be more than adequate.

I ran across a good deal on some pocket pistols in 380 ACP. The use of 380 ACP as a defensive round is a disputed topic, but there are just some times when a small 380 pistol is the only thing that can be carried. It also works well as a back-up gun. I have fired a few different brands and one that is both inexpensive and reliable is the Taurus TCP. Taurus sells most of them in a kit that comes with two magazines and a pouch type holster. It’s not a bad deal for a lower priced pistol with a lifetime warranty. Recently I found an even better deal. Taurus offers the TCP in 380 ACP with one magazine and the total out the door price is $220. That is an amazing deal for a small and easy to conceal handgun with six plus one capacity and a lifetime warranty and one year free NRA membership for a little over $200. There are not many handguns in that price range and I would say that this is the best one in that range.

I have already sold two of these and as long as the distributor has them in stock I’ll offer them for $220 out the door. At that price you can leave it in your vehicle so you will always have a firearm accessible and not worry about it getting stolen.

As we wind down 2011 I would like to thank all my customers who have chosen to do business with me. I truly appreciate your business and the fact that you chose me over all the other gun dealers in the area. I hope that I will be able to help you out with all your sporting goods needs in 2012. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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