February 17, 2018

Houston FFL Gun Dealer – Modern Defensive Measures

Houston FFL Gun Dealer Modern Defensive Measures

We appreciate your business and ask all firearms enthusiasts to join the NRA if you are not currently a member. The NRA is one of the few organizations that is fighting to preserve our second amendment rights granted to us by the founding fathers of this great nation. It is also one of the few organizations that is recommending steps that will truly lower the probability of this tragedy happening again. Please click on the link on the left of this page to join the movement that will preserve our rights and prevent tragedies form occurring again.

Welcome to the Houston FFL Gun Dealer website of Modern Defensive Measures. We are a Houston area ATF licensed Federal Firearms Dealer located in Friendswood Texas. As a Houston FFL, we service the southeast Houston and greater Houston area as your local dealer for firearms, ammunition, firearms accessories and sporting goods. We sell pistols and rifles from Springfield, Sig Sauer, Para, Smith and Wesson, Glock, Colt, Taurus, DPMS and most major manufacturers.

Other dealers offer a percentage off the MSRP on firearms they sell. This may seem like a bargain, but many times the market price is lower than the MSRP so there are no real savings. Here at Modern Defensive Measures we offer new firearms at 6% over our cost. There are no hidden fees, just the best firearms at the best possible prices.

P220 Sig Sauer compactAt Modern Defensive Measures, we appreciate the service of our military, law enforcement and firefighters. We offer all new firearms at 5% over cost to these professionals.

In addition, we offer firearms transfer services.

We also offer discounts of up to 40% off retail price on knives, sharpeners, gun accessories, air guns, ammunition, firearm cleaning supplies, optics, videos, tents, flashlights, and more.

Some of our customers ask where we got our name. At Modern Defensive Measures we realize that there is a growing concern about personal protection. One key to personal protection is being on the defensive and being prepared for the unknown.  Knowledge of your surroundings and situational awareness can go a long way in staying safe. We also realize that the world of self defense is always evolving with new technology. At Modern Defensive Measures we work to keep up with the most modern technology to see what works best and what doesn’t work. We use our knowledge to help tailor self defense products to each customer. We can help you select the right “tool” for the defensive measures you want to take. Whether it is a firearm or knife, or perhaps a non-lethal tool such as a tazer or pepper spray, we can help you select what is right for you and your situation.

Feel free to use the Contact page on this site to contact us with your questions or to get on our e-mail list. We value the privacy of our customers and do not share our e-mail lists with anyone.  Call us at (832) 693-2545.